Research Laboratories

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Intelligent Robotics Lab (8-51A)

This lab supports Dr. Daisy Tang's research and teaching in robotics and artificial intelligence. The research is focused on cooperative robotics, human-robot interaction and machine learning. This lab also facilitates the CS students with a practical environment to apply their knowledge learned in class on embodied intelligent systems. The lab is currently equipped with two types of robots--Lego Mindstorm NXT robots and iRobot Create robots with several specialized sensors that provide a reasonable set of sensors and motors for both research and teaching.

CS Network Lab (3-2642)

This lab supports Dr. Gilbert Young's teaching and research of computer networks. The lab's main goal is to provide CS students with an environment in which they can test network applications and technology. The lab has a setup of upto 12 computers, 12 routers, and 12 switches. The current environment enables students to view firsthand how routers and switches work together and how different network and internetwork protocols operate.

Research Laboratory (3-2642)

This multi-purpose laboratory is used for independent undergraduate and graduate research projects. The lab accommodates rack-mounted servers and HPC to support professors' and students' projects.