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About Us

Our Vision

Safe, secure technology

Our Mission

Educating our community with an interactive envrironment surrounded by peers and industry experts engaging in spirited learning with regard to all aspects of technology and security, hardware, cracking, privacy, crime, fraud, and social implications. Supported by faculty, staff, and student organizations we improve the capabilities of our peers at all levels.  With a passion and purpose, we build upon common security needs while serving individuals.

Our Passion & Purpose

  • Advancing and supporting information technology security awareness.
  • Providing hands on peer-to-peer mentoring with security concepts.
  • Teaching users how to protect data from intentional or accidental loss through the deployment of common security practices.
  • Providing opportunities to speak with industry leaders about new technologies.

Means & Methods

  • Cyber Security Fair
    • Presentations from industry leaders
    • Peer-to-peer demonstrations
    • Vendor exhibits
  • Website
    • Current Trends
    • Learning Opportunities
    • Historical Archive
  • Educause partnership


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Save the date! October 29th, 2015. Cyber Security Fair at Ursa Major BSC. #CPP #cyberaware #cppcsf

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