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Security Landscape Trends & Future by Scott Meyer ProofPoint



Discussion around security landscape, who is at risk, and how are you being attacked. Trends of what we are seeing so far in 2017, and what the future holds for us around methods, techniques, and businesses being built by threat actors around the world. This discussion is designed for the student in mind so you know how to protect your identity and personal information.
 Next generation incident response & threat intelligence analysis through cognitive computing by Ahmed Saleh IBM X-Force


Ursa Major IBM X-Force team will inform students on current threats, malware trends and best practices for individuals and organizations. This discussion will cover existing processes & the next generation of incident response and threat intelligence analysis, including how firms will use cognitive computing capabilities to accelerate today’s teams to turn insights into recommended actions.

Ransomware by Salim Neino Kryptos Logic


Ursa Major Coming Soon

Enchanted Smart Home: Live Demonstration

Demo Time Location Description

Command & Control Center

11:00AM —2:30PM Ursa Major
Play the Mad Hacker in the command and control center tormenting the enchanted guest. Sponsored by SHI

Don't Take the Bait! The dangers  of phishing attacks on WiFi users by FAST

11:00AM —2:30PM Ursa Major

What's the weakest link in a WiFi connection?" CPP FAST Forensics And SecurityTechnology present an interactive demo on how cybercriminals can use "phishing" or social engineering techniques to con unauthorized access to WiFi, coax out email addresses and Facebook passwords, deliver spyware, and worse! Learn about social engineering, phishing, and wireless security to protect yourself.

Going Phishing, what you see is not always what you get.

By Swift

11:00AM —2:30PM Ursa Major Would you be able to tell a real site from an illegitimate one? Swift has built a couple of illegitimate sites that look exactly like their official counterparts.Sites include Facebook, Google, Steam, Paypal, etc. Witness first hand how easy it is to have your credentials stolen on an illegitimate site, and the power a hijacked browser has. Most importantly learn how to identify common indicators of malicious websites. 

Don’t call me, I’ll call you!

By Swift

11:00AM —2:30PM Ursa Major No one is in the clear from the sly Cheshire cats tricks. Join Swift as they demonstrate how common phone phishing scams operate. Obtain tips on how to recognize these scams. They will run both a tech support style scam and a government impersonation scam.

Contest Information

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Scavenger Hunt

10:30AM — 3:00PM

Ursa Major

Come explore Wonderland in a themed scavenger hunt! Earn points for your team of up to four people by exploring, attending presentations at the Fair, and capturing flags based on technical knowledge, social engineering skills, perception, and above all, quick thinking. High-scoring teams will receive subscription vouchers generously provided by Private Internet Access. 


Poster Contest

10:30AM — 3:00PM

Ursa Major

The fair attendees will vote for the winning poster presentations. Ballots will be distributed to the fair attendees at the beginning of the conference. The committee will collect the ballots until 2:00 PM on October 31st, 2017 and announce the winner at 2:30 PM.

Pumpkin Carving Contest - CPP Rideshare

10:30AM — 3:00PM

Ursa Major

Bring a carved and decorated pumpkin for a chance to win prizes. All sizes of pumpkins will be accepted and the contest is open to all Cal Poly Pomona faculty, staff and students.

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Hands-on labs and security presentations are provided for educational purposes only. Attendance at these sessions and the use of this information is not intended to promote unethical and illegal hacking, including cracking, software piracy or any other illegal activity as defined by state and federal laws. The word "hacking" in the context of these training sessions shall only refer to ethical hacking. All information provided in these sessions is for the sole purpose of providing the attendees with the tools to better understand vulnerabilities and in turn help prevent hacking attacks. Information garnered and equipment used during this session must not be used to cause damage by engaging in illegal hacking during or after the session. Any such behavior is a violation of state and federal laws and may subject to prosecution.