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Directions & Venue

The hands-on workshop is scheduled to take place in Ursa Major.  The venues are located on the second floor see the map below to assist in finding the correct location. You can contact us by leaving us a message in the newsletter subscription form on the left navigation under "Get Involved". 

Bronco Student Center Floor Plan

bsc second floor

Directions to Campus

Directions to CPP

For more information on visiting Cal Poly Pomona, please visit our Visitor Information Site

Visitors will be required to purchase a $8 parking permit from the parking booth or a yellow pay station.  The pay stations are located throughout campus and on levels 2 and 4 of the parking structure next to the elevators.  Students will be present on campus and parking may take 20 minutes or more. 

Parking Pay Station Locations


After parking, you can make your way to the venue.  Below you will find a map with a marked trail from the parking structure to the Bronco Student Center and also a picture of what the building actually looks like from the outside.


Bronco Student Center Directions

bsc directions

Bronco Student Center Building

Front View of the BSC