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This is the home page for the SCHOTO Zimbabwe Training of Trainers Workshop in Applied Community Research Methods and related topics. From here you can go to:

1. Workshop Program.

2. Itinerary of Cal Poly Pomona team and general schedule of activities.

3. Support documents for the specific units of discussion. Links to Internet sites and documents posted on the world-wide web are contained within the Workshop Program. You will be seeing a PowerPoint presentation on each topic.

Background documents:

Endogenous Development and Eco-Tourism

Eco-Tourism Development

Research Methods:

Developing a Questionnaire (Nardi)

Critical Thinking

Community Based Research:

Excerpts from Smart Communities

Introduction to Community-Based Research


Eco-Villages and Cosmovision.

Project Management and Funding:

Project Management Concepts

Educational Funding

Project Idea Form, Gift Flowchart

Tourism Development Education:

Sustainable Tourism

Directions in Eco-Tourism:

Ecotourism Certification

Tourism Growth Management



DDW Home Page