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Welcome to Language and Culture, a major core course in Anthropology and a probable Upper Division GE Synthesis course (C4). You can also use the course as a support course for the Digital Media Minor program.


Please see Blackboard for your assignments.

Fun with language: a homophonic poem.



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You can get directly to the files for these materials from here, if you like.
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or you can go back to the instructor's home page or go to the Anthropology of Language home page. Ant 353 builds upon lower division work in anthropology, especially the Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology, Ant 104, and the Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Ant 102. Introduction to Biological Anthropology, Ant 101, is highly recommended as well.

If you're still interested in following this line of inquiry, wonderful!
The bouquet is for you. I wish it were a real one, but what is reality, anyway?