ANT 379 Anthropology of the Middle East

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 This course satisfies upper division General Education synthesis requirements for Social Sciences (D4) and is a support course for the Digital Media Minor degree program in CLASS, as well as satisfying a requirement for Anthropology majors.


ANNOUNCEMENTS and useful information


ETHNIC NIGHT INVITATION - You are invited to a party at my house sponsored by the GAP clubs.

Field trip to Claremont mosque (Garey and Foothill) scheduled for Nov. 2, meet there at 1:00 p.m. Dress nicely. Women bring head cover like a scarf or wrap (not beanie, cap, etc.). You will have to take your shoes off in the mosque. Directions at

A panel discussion is being planned with some guests who are either Muslims or from the Middle East. More details forthcoming.

We will also have a guest speaker on the subject of literature in the Middle East Nov. 13th. She is Dr. Faiza Shereen.

Highly recommended event: International Festival Guest Speaker LAILA LALAMI, "Literature and Migration", Nov. 15, 1:104 International Center, 12:00-1:00. Pizza provided.

You will have a take-home final so that we can utilize the final exam period for oral reports and wrap-up discussion.

Subscribe to Middle East Report or order individual copies online at
Middle East Report is published by the Middle East Research and Information
Project (MERIP), a progressive, independent organization based in
Washington, DC. Since 1971 MERIP has provided critical analysis of the
Middle East, focusing on political economy, popular struggles and the
implications of US and international policy for the region.


View of the Middle East
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