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Zimbabwe Initiative: institutional strengthening project with SCHOTO in Bulawayo.

Digital Media Minor Program - I coordinate this program, together with Professor Saul Landau.

I am working on a book on marriage traditions across cultures and how they are changing.




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Hi!  My name is Dorothy D. Wills.  Usually, I am a professor of Anthropology, as you will see in the rest of my home page.  From 1998 - early 2001, I will be working on the Self-Study Report for Cal Poly's re-accreditation.    As Coordinator of the self-study, my job is to organize the research and oversee the composition of the analysis.  Our findings and recommendations will be publicized on campus during the Fall of 1999, and we will be revising the report in response to input after that.  The visit from our regional accrediting organization (WASC) will take place in October, 2000.  You will find details about the self-evaluation we are preparing for them, about other aspects of the accreditation process, and about how you can contribute on the WASC web site in Cal Poly's home page.





(and music, and

babbling, and

hand-shakes, and

road signs, and

name brands, and

snorts, and ...)


To navigate this web page, you will need a guide. The other materials prepared to date on the anthropology of language are contained in course files on ANT 104 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology and ANT 353 Language and Culture. ANT 399 courses also offer a great deal to the linguist. A list of the world's principal languages, or at least those we have some knowledge of, is provided in another file, Languages of the World, which also contains links to Web pages for studies of those languages.

Remember that language and mind are very difficult to distinguish conceptually. It is probable that we have something like minds before we are able to talk, but all of human experience is mediated to some extent by culture, and we cannot conceive of culture without language.

Contact me at ddwills@csupomona.edu.


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