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 1. What Higher Education Wants from Business

( in Commoditization of Knowledge in the Academy, ed. Giberson and Giberson)

2. Martian Safari (1981).

3. Hart speech: "Unrepentent Professor".

4. Faculty Associates: Administrative Bloat or Professional Opportunity.

5. Dear President Bush.

6. The hilarious spectacle of the attack on Iraq.

7. My Trip to Zimbabwe.

8. No Administrator Left Behind.

9. Whatever You Want

10. Bush Score Card

11. Dear Human Fetus

12. A Note on Coming Out Day

13. Campus Forum presentation "Forgotten Africa." (streaming video can be found at http://video.csupomona.edu/streaming/cpp/cf_index.html ).

14. A comment on the California Supreme Court decision to recognize same-sex marriage.

15. Articles published in the CFA Newsletter can be found at http://www.csupomona.edu/~cfa/.

16. "Invaders" an essay about education and society.

STORIES about AFRICA - These are being prepared for publication, so I have removed them from the Internet.

17. Higher Education in Peril (Part One)

18. Higher Ed in Peril (Two)

19. Higher Ed in Peril (Three)

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