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The University's Colleges and Schools.

college of agriculture

College of Agriculture

play buttonDan Hostetler - View transcript as alternative to video

Listen to the 2005 interview of Plant & Soil Science Chair Dan Hostetler speaking about the University's Pumpkin Festival and the University's Farm Store.

college of business administration

College of Business Administration

college of education an dintegrative studies

College of Education and Integrative Studies

college of engineering

College of Engineering

college of environmental design

College of Environmental Design

college of the extended university College of the Extended University
the collins school of hospitality management

The Collins College of Hospitality Management

play buttonJerry Chesser - View transcript as alternative to video

Listen to a past interview of Dean Chesser discussing many aspects of the hospitality industry.

college of letters, arts, and social sciences

College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

college of science

College of Science