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College of Agriculture - Interview Transcript

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The College of Agriculture Interview Transcript

Welcome to Comcast local edition, I’m Tracy Young. (CNN Headline News)

The College of Agriculture at California Polytechnic State University, is one of eight colleges on the campus. Students actually gain hands on work experience at the Farm Store which keeps with the University’s mission of students learn by doing. Joining us with the college is Dan Hostetler, so great to have you with us today.

Dan Hostetler: Thank You.

Ms. Tracy Young: The College of Agriculture, I think a lot of us… you know… we go to Ralphs. We go to Vons or what ever grocery store that we happen to go to. We see, you know, great fruits and vegetables, but we forget where they come from. Tell us about the College of Agriculture, and what it’s like today?

Dan: Today the College of Agriculture has, is kind of a growing and evolving. It is basically four departments of Animal Science, Food and Nutrition, Horticulture and Apparel Merchandising manufacturer which is something new. Most people don’t associate with that and agriculture being the number one industry in the state today. It is growing and evolving from year to year to year. As people move into the state, more and more land is consumed and you get more and more specialty type products that you see.

Ms. Tracy Young: And I understand that in … for…both undergraduate and graduate you have 1100 students in this major. Tell us about that?

Dan: Yeah. There is 1100, and actually 1180 students in the college as of this Fall. Those majors spread anything from somebody that wants to come and study to be a vet in Animal Science, clear on through an apparel manufacturer, clear on through to someone that would go to work for a food company developing new recipes to actually how to produce and grow food as well.

Ms. Tracy Young: How is Agriculture different today than maybe it was… how it was processed say even a couple of decades ago? Cause this is traditionally a farming area.

Dan: Yeah, very, very much so, and actually this is part of the reason why Ag is changing. It’s just because of the numbers of people that are moving into agricultural areas. Not only for …some of them…are really nice climates like what we have here, but also there are just nice areas to move into… not the crowd of the city and things like that. And that has really forced the hand of Agriculture to become less of the state that produces the cotton, the alfafa and the barley and the wheat like it did. Now today you see more and more specialty products being produced.

Ms. Tracy Young: Right, and what I’m looking at here, I mean you have these amazing, you know, a lime and a lemon and avocado. And it’s just you can tell the difference cause it’s not shiny. I can tell this was not purchased at your regular grocery store. Tell us about your farm, it’s open seven days a week, from I think 10 to 7 or 10 to 6?

Dan: 10:00 to 6:00

Host: Ten to Six. Why are your fruits and vegetables unique?

Dan: Well, one thing for sure is that they’re coming right off the tree as you do it. So you can walk in the store today and buy sweet corn which was just harvested yesterday for you. We usually harvest citrus fruits, and avocados at least once a week, things like that. So it’s very, very fresh. We kind of pick what we need at the store. We also do it a little different in the fact that when you pick commercially a lot of fruit comes off the tree all at one time. For us we leave it a lot of times on the tree.

Host: You pick it when it’s ripe.

Dan: Yeah, and it’s actually ripened and vine ripened and or tree ripened fruit that we have here.

Host: I also know that you’re famous for your orange juice. Why are you so famous for your orange juice?

Dan: Well, our orange juice is actually 100% pure orange juice and I’ll guarantee you that because we actually pick oranges specifically for this juice. We actually have certain groves that we’ll hold onto and pick specifically for this juice. It’s squeezed right there at the campus in our packing house and it’s not processed, not anything from Brazil or Florida and anything like that. It’s right from the campus.

Host: And on Saturday and Sunday, October 15 and 16 you’re actually having a Pumpkin Festival, tell us about that day…the two days, pardon me.

Dan: Yeah, This is something that grew and evolved from inviting the YMCA the Diamond Bar YMCA over the field probably 25 years ago, and has since grown to the point where we have close to 20,000 visitors over the two days. They actually come and pick their own pumpkin. But the other thing that is nice about it is the fact that that they actually come and are able to harvest their own pumpkin and also visit the store, visit club booths, and actually see and learn a little bit more about AG.

Host: Great, Dan Hostler, Um it’s Saturday, October 15 and Sunday, October 16 it’s the Pumpkin Festival and I believe it’s the 13th Annual at Cal Poly, Pomona. It’s so great to have you with us today.

Dan: Thank You.

For Comcast local edition I’m Tracy Young.

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