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Biological Applications of ANOVA

Syllabus / Textbook - Fall 2013

Syllabus and lecture schedule in pdf format (2 pages; ~20 KB)

Quinn, Gerry P. and Michael J. Keough. 2002. Experimental Design and Data Analysis for Biologists. Cambridge University Press.
~$61 at; August 2013 price

Review Questions

Your browser will probably interpret the pages with review questions as a "pop-up", so you may have to allow the pop-up to see the review questions.


The ANOVA Pac (pdf format; 122 pages; 366 KB) contains all the classroom examples as well as supplementary readings. It is critical that you bring the ANOVA Pac to every class meeting. When you print, remember that strange things can happen because of font substitutions. At risk are special characters such as Greek letters or mathematical symbols. Problems should be rare; just stay alert. If something (like a Greek letter) we're talking about in lecture doesn't match your print of the pdf file, just check with Dr. M's desk copy (or some other student's copy) after class, and make the corrections.

It would be helpful to bring your BIO 211 TestPac (pdf format; 93 pages; 505 KB) to class with you - at least the pages dealing with ANOVA. Many of the same examples are used in this class, and it's good to have the TestPac from BIO 211 for comparison.

Extra Credit

Extra credit may be available by developing review questions and answers with your team. See the syllabus.

View / download extra credit assignments , topics, due dates (pdf; 1 page; ~10 KB)

Resources for R

Scripts and data files that do most of the examples from the ANOVA Pac in the R statistical computing program are available on the R Resources page.

Experimental Design / Repeated Measures and Nested Analysis of Variance

The following two files are the work of Dr. Edward F. Connor of the San Francisco State University Department of Biology . They contain valuable information on experimental design and ANOVA models that is very useful for students in this class. Thanks to Dr. Connor for allowing us to make them available. The files are in pdf format.

An Overview of Experimental Design (~144 KB; 26 pages)
A very complete, interesting and helpful discussion of the design process. Everything from the basics of hypothesis testing, sampling schemes, and data manipulation through basic ANOVA and even incomplete (nested, repeated measures, split-plot) designs is covered. Very strongly recommended for all grad students, and others beginning research projects.

Repeated Measures and Nested Analysis of Variance (~114 KB; 20 pages)
This document contains a nice introduction to sources of variation and expected mean squares in fixed, random, and mixed ANOVA models, as well as an introduction to "quasi - F - ratios" ("pseudo F-tests"). The document also contains very extensive tables of expected mean squares for a large variety of complex designs involving nested, repeated-measures, and split-plot designs. When you have to deal with one of these designs, this document can be very helpful.

NOTE: Effective Winter Quarter 2010, Biological Applications of ANOVA will be moved to the graduate level and be taught as a BIO 575. Any references to BIO 499 should be disregarded.