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BIO 418 Population Ecology

Course Units and Structure

BIO 418 Population Ecology is a 3 unit lecture class. There is no lab component.


The syllabus contains the course information and requirements, informational supplements ("handouts"), instructions for using the Excel file (see below), and "value added" pages on how to have SAS or R calculate the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of an asymmetrical matrix. This document will NOT be distributed in lecture. You must download the document. If you have trouble viewing or downloading, contact Dr.M. immediately.

Bring the syllabus with you to each class meeting.

Download / View the Syllabus in pdf format (10 pages; ~58 KB).

Excel File

Each student must acquire an Excel file: B418DEMO.XLS for the demographics assignment portion of the course. This will be done as a homework assignment. The assignment will be discussed and distributed in lecture. The instructions for using this Excel file are part of the syllabus (above). If you are having problems downloading, see Dr. M.

Download file B418DEMO.XLS (about 307 KB)


Vandermeer, John H. and Deborah E. Goldberg. 2003. Population Ecology: First Principles. Princeton University Press.
Available in the book store, and for approximately $55 (August 2013 price) from


Derivation of the Euler Equation (pdf; 3 pages; ~20 KB)

Disk Equation (pdf; 1 page; ~17 KB)