Cal State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Syllabus for Introduction to Music MU 100-02, Class #30635, 4 Units & Mu 100-04, Class #30637

Spring 2018  M/W/F   8:00 - 9:05AM, Bldg. 5, Rm. 105
T/Th   8:00-9:50, Bldg 24 Rm 101

Instructor: Professor David Grasmick Office: Bldg. 24E, Room 1114 (Portables)
E-mail:   Office Hours: Monday & Friday 9:10

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Catalogue Description: Cross-cultural study of basic elements of music and their application; music in culture, its values, structures, and functions.

Required Background or Experience: No previous experience required.     

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Develop introductory skills in reading and writing Western musical notation.
  2. Acquire an understanding of the basic elements of music and their interrelationships, and be able to apply this understanding cross-culturally.
  3. Develop concepts of function and meaning of music in society.
  4. Acquire knowledge of principles of musical transmission and acculturation in culture.
  5. Acquire an understanding of how music is an integral part of cultures.
  6. Experience elementary level of music making by singing and/or with instruments.  

Departmental student learning outcome for all GE courses:
The individual completing a GE course in music will be able to discuss and appraise the role of music in a balanced life, using appropriate vocabulary and examples from the course they just completed.

Academic Integrity:  University policy may be found in the Cal Poly catalog.  Any student who violates this policy will receive an automatic “F” for the class and be reported to the Director of Judicial Affairs and Student Development.

Students will be playing the recorder throughout the class applying the fundamentals of music in the performance of folk music. Two individual practical exams will be held covering rhythm, folk melodies. Recorders can be purchased at the bookstore or online at (preferred) or Sam Ash  or at the Sam Ash store in Ontario Mills.

March 30 & May 28 academic holidays

Graded Work Each student will be expected to complete the following:

  1. Midterm Exam (25%) 
  2. Midterm Recorder Practicum (10%), Final Recorder Practicum 10%).
  3. Quiz/assignments 10%
  4. Writing Assignment 1 & 2 (15%)
  5. Final Exam  (30%)   M/W/F Class Monday June 4, 7-9 AM   Tu/Th Class Tuesday. June 5, 7-9 AM      Review Materials
Note Names note names
Notes and Rests, Time Signatures measure lines
Rhythm & Counting, Counting 16th notes counting division, counting subdivision
Sharps, Flats & Enharmonic, Intervals enharmonic, intervals
Major Scales, Midterm Practical, Review major scales, 1st writing assignment
Mid term, Major Key Signatures key signatures
Triads triad ID, inverted triads, triads in a key
Seventh Chords, Compound Time seventh chords
Minor Scales, minor scales
Final Practical Exam, Review for Final 2nd writing assignment


General Information: All assignments and test dates will be announced during lecture and are the full responsibility of the student, even if you are absent. You will be expected to read assigned material prior to class meetings. All information on this syllabus is the full responsibility of the student. Make-ups for exams will only be considered under extreme emergency or illness (with documented proof). The student must contact instructor as soon as feasible, but definitely before returning to class. If you fail to contact the instructor, no make-up exam will be given.  Up to 5% extra credit is given to students who compose a simple folk song (guidelines on website) and play it during Final Recorder Practicum. 

Link to student services:  

Classroom Etiquette:
No texting or accessing the Internet during class. Do not start packing up your belongings until I excuse the class. No food or drinks in class except bottled water.

If you have questions about the course, or if you have any concerns that may interfere with your progress in the class, i.e. illness, emergency, personal matter – please contact me. Communication is essential! The student is responsible for all information on this syllabus.