California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Course Syllabus: MU 246, Jazz Literature
Time: Fall 2005, 2:00 T
Location: Bldg. 24, Room 101
Office Hours: 1pm T,Th
Phone: (909) 869-3564
Instructor: Professor David Grasmick
Office: 24 Room 157


Week 1 Ragtime, Blues, & New Orleans Classic Jazz
Week 2 Chicago Hot and Sweet Jazz
Week 3 Stride and Swing
Week 4: Bebop
Week 5 Cool
Week 6 Funky/Hard Bop Regression
Week 7 Free
Week 8 Fusion
Week 9 Fusion
Week 10 Review for Final



Text/Materials: Listening examples found on web site. Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz (available in the Library), 5 fifteen question scantrons for quiz exams. 1 50 question scantron for the final.

Objectives: To develop an awareness of Jazz music by directed listening and discussion. Lecture/problem solving.

Assignments: During each class period, the instructor will present an aspect, style, or era of Jazz literature. During the following week, students will listen to the appropriate selections on the web that pertain to that style/aspect/era. There will be listening quizzes every two weeks where students will be asked to identify specific styles, bands, and tunes. The Final exam will be a compilation of all listening done during the quarter.

Examinations: There will be 5 quizzes and a final exam where students will be asked to identify and/or discuss specific styles, bands, and tunes.

Grading: Attendance: 20%, Quizzes: 50%, Final Exam: 30%