Brass Fundamentals
Mu 330
Instructor: Professor David Grasmick 
Office: 24-157  

Class Materials

Guide to Teaching Brass by Norman Hunt and Dan Bachelder
1. To provide music majors with information and experience for successful elementary and secondary teaching of brass instruments 
2. To provide music majors and selected non majors information and experience for more successful performance on brass instruments
3. To provide music majors with information for more successful composition and arranging of brass instruments
General Information:
Basic brass concepts will be taught in the first 5 weeks followed by specific information on each brass instrument during the final 5 weeks. Each student is expected to study and perform on two brass instruments which will be assigned by the instructor. Students are expected to attend each class session as grading will reflect attendance. Each class will consist of 20-25 minutes of lecture demonstration and 20-25 minutes of playing.
Weekly Outline
One Check out 1st instrument, buzzing and mouthpiece placement, embouchure Music #1
Two Hunt chapter 4, Breathing Music #2, #3, #4
Three Hunt chapter 5, Articulation Music #5, #6, Ode to Joy, Playing Quiz
Four Hunt chapter 1 Acoustics Music Twinkle, # 7, #8, #9
Five Review, Midterm performance (Minka Minka, Brahms 1st, Scales), Mid term written.

Six 2nd instrument check out, mouthpiece placement, Hunt chapter 7, Trumpet Lecture, Music #1
Seven Hunt chapter 8 and 9, Horn Lecture, Music #2, #3, #4
Eight Hunt chapter 10 and 11, Trombone Lecture, Music #5, #6, Ode to Joy, Playing Quiz
Nine Hunt chapter 6 and 2, Euphonium Tuba Lecture, Music Twinkle, # 7, #8, #9
Ten Mouthpiece Lecture Review for Final, (Minka Minka, Brahms 1st, Scales),
25% Written Mid Term, 25% Mid term performance, 25% Written Final, 25% Final Performance (Each set of 2 absences drops grade by one letter)