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Faculty FAQs - Test Accomodations

I received a Notification of Test Accommodations. What does it mean?

The Notification of Test Accommodations (NOTA) (PDF) verifies that the student is registered with the DRC and lists their specific test accommodations.  The NOTA serves to notify you that if a student decides to use their accommodations for a specific test, they are approved to do so.

Students are required to give this notification to the instructor no later than one week before the first test date.  While we encourage students to give this notification to their instructor at the beginning of each quarter, they may elect to wait until they are certain that they want to use their test accommodations.    

It is then the student’s responsibility to submit a Test Request to both DRC and instructor no later than 3 working days before the test.


When is the student required to notify me if they plan to use their test accommodations?

The student must give the instructor a Notification of Test Accommodations no later than one week before the exam (see Q1). 

The second step requires the student to submit a Test Request to both DRC and the instructor no later than three working days before each exam (Finals requests are due the 8th week). 


Can Faculty provide the student¿s test accommodations?

Yes.  Instructors have the option to fully accommodate the student or may request DRC to do so.  Please be aware that if you choose to accommodate the student, the accommodations must be provided as described in the NOTA. For example, if a student’s accommodations include a ‘distraction-free room’ in which to take tests, the student must be provided with a quiet room free of both visual and auditory distractions.


Will the student take the test at the same time as the class?

It depends.  The student is expected to take the test at the same day and time the class.  However, there are two exceptions, 1) if the test is outside of DRC testing hours or, 2) if the time accommodation will interfere with another class/test. 

The student is responsible for obtaining the instructor’s approval for the alternate time.  If they do not, the Test Request can be cancelled and the student will take the test in class without the use of their accommodations.


When are the exam materials due to DRC?

Exam materials are due at no later than one day before the test date.  If the materials are not received in advance, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide the student’s accommodations on the scheduled date.

Over 500 different instructors use DRC testing services each year.  Each instructor expects their test to be handled with care and administered per their specific instructions.  Receipt of the materials at the last minute significantly increases the potential for mistakes to be made.

Additionally, early receipt of the exam allows DRC to convert the materials to an alternate format (e.g., audio file, Kurzweil-compatible, or enlarged version) if part of a student’s accommodations.

Instructor’s options for exam delivery:

  • Instructor delivers the exam to DRC (9-103)
  • Email (
  • DRC pick-up from Department office (must be available for p/u one day prior)


When will I receive the completed exam back?

Instructor’s options for return of completed exam:

  • Instructor pick-up – Required if immediate return is necessary
  • DRC delivers to Department office within 2 working days


How are test accommodations provided with Blackboard exams?

For non-proctored online exams, students are not required to take their exams in DRC in order to access their extended time. Instead, the student coordinates directly with the professor to request the extended time.  The instructor, as the exam administrator within Bb, is responsible for adjusting the time for the DRC student (instructions below).

Professor instructions for providing extended time within Bb: 

Within the Test/Survey Availability Exceptions on the Test and Survey Options page in Bb, the instructor creates an exception to the established availability settings for the specific exam.

Please contact eLearning/Studio Six for additional technical assistance (x3099, studio6).


What happens if a student is suspected of cheating?

DRC adheres to Cal Poly’s Academic Integrity Policy as stated in the University Catalog.  Consistent proctoring and monitoring of exams will be enforced.  If a student is caught cheating or is suspected of cheating, the incident will be reported to the faculty member as well as to Judicial Affairs.  Additional information is detailed in our Academic Integrity Guidelines (DOCX).