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Accommodations and Services

DRC authorizes and facilitates the use of accommodations and services for students with disabilities. 

Accommodations DO...provide access and equal opportunity. 

Accommodations DO NOT...provide an unfair advantage or guarantee success.  

Each student receives an individualized set of accommodations based on their specific disability-related limitationsA DRC disability specialist will determine this need based on the documentation provided.

The accommodations listed below include common accommodations that may be approved.  Additional accommodations may be approved depending on a student’s specific disability-related needs.  

Students in Class

Alternate Media Services

Alternate Media Services is the provision of printed classroom materials in an alternative, accessible format for students with visual or information-processing disabilities.

Student on computer

Assistive Technology Center 

The AT Center is a computing lab operated by DRC and is dedicated exclusively for use by DRC students. It is currently the only campus lab devoted to providing a fully-accessible computing environment.

Camera filming lecture

Classroom Accommodations

Notetaking services, permission to record lectures, and permission for use of laptop is approved to ensure access to lecture materials shared during class.

American Sign Language Signer

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Interpreting and captioning services are available to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students to ensure access to communication in the classroom, academic-related activities outside of the classroom, and all other campus-affiliated events.

University Housing

Housing Accommodations 

DRC partners with University Housing Services and University Village to provide accommodations for students living in campus housing.

MAC Cart Small

Mobility Assistance

Intra-campus cart service is available to students, faculty, and staff with mobility disabilities. Additional campus transportation services are provided by Bronco Express Shuttle.

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Test Accommodations

Test accommodations serve to ensure that students with disabilities are provided an equitable opportunity to demonstrate their competency of the exam material with minimal interference from the disability.

 Students in Class

Priority Registration

Priority Registration is available to eligible DRC students to ensure equal access to academic courses.