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Tutoring Attendance and Expectations

Tutoring Expectations

To ensure effective and productive tutoring sessions, the following are the ARCHES Tutoring Expectations:

Tutees are expected to attempt homework problems before attending tutoring, and then attend the session prepared with specific questions or problems to be addressed. For writing tutoring, tutees must attend a tutoring session with (at least) their paper prompt and questions about how to develop paper ideas.

Tutees need to arrive at the tutoring session with all of the necessary materials (notes, homework problems, textbooks, syllabus, paper prompt/assignment, writing utensil, etc.).

Tutees should attend the tutoring session expecting to be actively involved in working out problems and discussing class material, Tutees should expect to utilize their full tutoring session (1 or 2 hours). Tutors work to reinforce independent learning and are not responsible for: teaching class material, completing a student’s homework, or completing a take-home exam.

Tutees are expected to treat tutors with respect. It is important to communicate all questions/concerns with your tutor if he/she is not meeting your needs.

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to arrive on time for all scheduled tutoring sessions. If for any reason you are not able to meet with your tutor for a session, you must notify ARCHES (a minimum of 1 hour) prior to your scheduled session. If a student knows in advance they cannot attend a session, it is encouraged to reschedule that session with their tutor.


  • A student is tardy if they arrive 10 minutes after the hour.
  • 2 Tardies equals 1 No Show


  • A Cancellation is when a student cancels an appointment with a minimum of 1 hours notice prior to the scheduled session.
  • To cancel a session, a student must contact the ARCHES office via phone: 909-869-2386 or email: and copy their tutor's CPP email address to the email. 

No Shows

  • A No Show is when a student does not show to a session and does not contact the office – OR – when a student cancels an appointment without giving a minimum of 1 hours notice – OR – when a student shows up to a session 20 minutes after the hour.
  • Tutors may leave after waiting for 20 minutes for their student to arrive.



  • Reschedules will only be allowed for holidays, office closures, and tutor’s attendance (e.g. tutors cancellations or absences).
  • Students must have a good tutoring attendance record in order to reschedule tutoring sessions.
  • Students and/or tutors must submit a Tutor Rescheduling Form to ARCHES.
    • It is the student’s and tutor’s responsibility to coordinate their schedules before submitting a rescheduling form.  
  • No Shows cannot be rescheduled.
  • Students may reschedule within the week of the original appointment –OR- the following week after the original appointment.
  • Requests must be received 24 hours in advance, and student and tutor will be notified of the decision within 24 hours.


Violation of ARCHES Attendance Policies

ARCHES reserves the right to alter or remove your tutoring based on attendance.

Repercussions if a student excessively cancels or no shows:

  • First Violation: Student will receive an e-mail notification.
  • Second Violation: Student will receive an e-mail notification asking for justification of the violations.
  • Third Violation: Student is required to meet with the Learning Specialist or Project Director. Strategies to improve attendance will be identified.
  • Fourth Violation: Tutoring will be cancelled for the term (for that course).

Codes of Conduct

ARCHES follows the universities codes of conduct including, but not limited to:

Academic Integrity Policy

Zero Tolerance for Violence Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy