David R. Smith, Ph.d. University of Pennsylvania


Major Interests:

World History
World History methodology
Ancient Greece and Rome: religions, historiography, social history
Teaching Strategies: Learning Through Discussion, Co-operative Learning, Small Group Projects
History of Technology

Interpreting Texts

2001 WHA Institute


HST 101 HST of World Civilizations: Ancient Period
HST 102 HST of World Civilizations: Middle Period
HST 103 HST of World Civilizations: Modern Period

HST 300 History Methods
HST 317 Ancient Greece
HST 318 Hellenistic Greece and Republican Rome
HST 319 Imperial Rome
HST 390 History and Historians
HST 432 Technology in World Civilization
HST 540 Readings in Ancient World History
HST 650 Seminar in Theories of World History

Current Activities:

World History Co-ordinator for the History Department
History Department RTP Committee Chair


History Dept., Cal Poly Univ, Pomona, 3801 W. Temple Ave, Pomona, Ca 91768
Telephone: 909--869-3874