Cal Poly Pomona

ECE 9-111 Energy Conversion Lab

Lab Directors: Dennis Fitzgerald

Courses Offered: ECE 317L, ECE318L, ECE421L, ECE 422L

Laboratory Size: 1341 square feet

Average # of students per year: 27

Lab Function:

To support experiments in all aspects of electromechanical energy conversion: DC motor and generator characteristic, Single-phase and three-phase transformers, Single-phase and three-phase induction motor characteristics, Synchronous motor and generator characteristics, Power generation, transmission and distribution, Synchronization of generators, etc.

Lab Status:

Current Problems with the Laboratory:

Equipment Needs:

  1. Six 5HP DC-DC converters to replace the large Dynamometers
  2. One 15KW AC generator with synchronizing circuitry.
  3. Six sets of digital AC and DC Voltmeters for bench mounting
  4. Four digital Industrial Analyzers.
  5. A power system simulator.
  6. For safety reasons and to improve the usability of the existing Motor/Generator sets their panels must be meterized