Cal Poly Pomona

ECE 9-401 Advanced Electronic Design and Semiconductor Measurements

Lab Directors: Richard Cockrum

Courses Offered: ECE 418, ECE 423(VLSI), EGR 599(VLSI) . Several other ECE and ETE classes are also held in this room that make use of various softwares installed in the computers in this lab.

Laboratory Size: 1449 square feet

Average # of students per year: 40

Lab Function:

This lab is being developed to mainly support the ECE courses dealing with semiconductor micro-electronic devices and circuits. The existing six 486 computers in the room have the graphic editor L-Edit, from Tanner Research, installed in them. This makes it possible for the students to prepare physical layout design of integrated circuits in both Bipolar and CMOS technologies and to run computer simulations of the electrical behavior of their design. Future activities of this lab will include measurements and testing on semiconductor materials, devices, and circuits. We currently have setup experiments to demonstrate capacitance measurement of pn-junction and MOS devices, and Hall measurement of free carrier density and their mobility in semiconductors. Also available are two high power light microscopes for observation of opened IC packages in order to show the students an actual IC and its various components and possibly some commonly occurring defects.

Lab Status:

Current Problems with the Laboratory:

Insufficient number of computers and test equipments

Equipment Needs: