Cal Poly Pomona

ECE 9-503 Signal Processing Lab

Lab Directors: J. Kang, Z. Aliyazicioglu

Courses Offered: ECE204L, ECE 306L, ECE 408L, ECE 414L, ECE415L, ECE 425L ,ECE 424L

Laboratory Size: 1321 square feet

Laboratory capasity : 28 Students

Average # of students per year: 323

Laboratory Data Sheet

Weekly Lab schedule

503 Lab

Lab Function:

The purpose of this lab is to provide necessary support to the lab classes that are associated with popular digital option senior level design courses such as ECE 306L (Discrete Time Signals and Systems), ECE 408L (Digital Signal Processing Lab), ECE 424L (State Machine Design) and ECE 425L (Computer Architecture).

Lab Equipments: