Cal Poly Pomona

MSDS Online Information

In order to assist you in obtaining the required MSDSs, the Environmental Health & Safety Department has acquired a subscription to MSDS Online, which has millions of MSDSs and other information. Please feel free to check it out by accessing their website at You will need to be logged into Cal Poly for this link to work. Once the page loads up, you can search by “Product Name” and/or “Manufacturer”.  You can further widen or narrow your search on these two fields by using the drop-down menus to choose a “Full Text,” “Contains a Match,” or “Starts With” match.

Once you find the MSDS, you can add it to an electronic library called an eBinder for your Department, by checking the “Select Box “and click "Add" to add the MSDS to your eBinder.  A small window will open for you to complete the following information:

First Name—Type in your first name
Last Name -Type in your last name
Location- Use the drop down menu to select your department name
Reason—Use the drop down menu to select the reason you needed the MSDS.

Click “Save” to submit the MSDS.  Once approved, the MSDS you selected will be added to the eBinder that you selected.  This approval may take a day.

To view the MSDSs for your department, click “Locations”, from the main page, and select your department from the drop down list under, “California State University Pomona.”  You can open an Adobe PDF file containing the MSDS by click the Adobe PDF Icon in the column labeled view.  Once the file is open ,you can save it to your computer or print out a hard copy.

Additional Information about using MSDS Online can be accessed by clicking the “Help Center” link near the top left corner of the main page.

Please contact us at  Extension 4697 or via e-mail at if you have any questions or comments.