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Compliance Audits


One of the important tasks that Environmental Health and Safety is tasked with involves performing comprehensive compliance audits in a variety of disciplines. Compliance audits or inspections involve assessing compliance in the following areas:

Policies, Programs and Procedures

A review of this area is intended to show that a department is following the requirements of a specific policy, written program and any required standard operating procedures. The requirements assigned to departments and the expectations that they be followed are often mandated by Federal, State or Local Government or a combination of several governments. Generally speaking, Environmental Health and Safety is tasked with interpreting these mandated requirements and developing Policies, Programs and Procedures in an effort to implement those requirements at the campus level to maintain a safe work environment for all.


A review of this area is intended to show that a department is ensuring that its employees are taking and completing any training that falls under the scope of the audit. Typically as part of the implementation of Policies, Programs and Procedures, Environmental Health and Safety will make training available to employees to not only protect employees but to educate employees on the new requirements and what EH&S has implemented to maintain compliance.


A review of this area is intended to show that a department is conducting self-inspections or audits (as required), maintains documentation of any corrective actions and ensures that corrective actions are taken within a reasonable amount of time.

Tracking Audit Findings

Environmental Health and Safety has implemented Audit Tracker 2.0 (AT2.0), a system designed to manage open audit findings and notify responsible parties to facilitate corrective actions. EH&S programs audit findings into the AT2.0 system where findings are dispatched to responsible parties so they can be commented on and closed once resolved. To gain access to this system as a new user, please contact EH&S at