Habitat Suitability for Plant Reintroduction and Restoration

The documents below are made available to assist with using the Habitat Suitability mapping approach to guide restoration planning. The Habitat Suitability for Restoration Guide gives a basic overview of the steps required in using the Habitat Suitability mapping approach. It describes the overall steps in the planning process using habitat suitability maps for plant restoration following the method of Questad et al. (2014). The Habitat Suitability Toolbox User Guide outlines the specific mapping protocol. The Habitat Suitabiltiy Toolbox in a toolbox for use with ArcMap to aid in producing the habitat suitability maps.


Habitat Suitabiltiy Toolbox User Guide


Habitat Suitability Toolbox


Video guide for saving rtl files in ArcMap


Questad, E.J., J.R. Kellner, K. Kinney, S. Cordell, G.P. Asner, J. Thaxton, J. Diep, A. Uowolo, S. Brooks, N. Inman-Narahari, S.A. Evans, B. Tucker. 2014. Mapping habitat suitability for at-risk plant species and its implications for restoration and reintroduction. Ecological Applications 24 (2): 385-395.


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