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Aerospace Engineering

ARO faculty in wind tunnel


Traditionally the aerospace engineer has been involved with the design and development of high speed vehicles such as aircraft, missiles and spacecraft. In recent years this list has evolved to include ocean vessels and high speed land vehicles as well.

The extreme environments in which these vehicles operate have dictated the construction of the most complex engineering systems devised by humans and require integration and application of such disparate fields as fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, structural mechanics, control system theory and vehicle dynamics. Often the aerospace engineer is confronted with problems that cannot be fully defined but, in spite of this, require imaginative and sophisticated solutions.

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Department Info Card (PDF)


Aerospace Engineering Program Vision

The vision of the Aerospace Engineering Program is to produce nationally recognized aerospace graduates who can contribute to achievements in national defense, space exploration, commercial aerospace, aeronautics, and academia.

Aerospace Engineering Program Mission

The mission of the Aerospace Engineering Program is to provide an education by hands-on application of theory to produce graduates for a diverse society who can contribute immediately, effectively and ethically to the development of aerospace products and possess the educational foundations for their career growth in industry and academia, with innovation and leadership.

Aerospace Engineering Enrollment and Degree Data.

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