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ECE 9-102 Photonics Lab

Lab Directors: Phyllis Nelson

Courses Offered: ECE 420, ECE436, EGR599A, EGR599B

Laboratory Size:

Average # of students per year:

Lab Function:

To allow students to supplement their undergraduate and graduate courses in fiber optics and lasers with meaningful laboratories to extend their practical hands-on experience with these new and important technologies.

Lab Status:

Our objective is to support the development of a new undergraduate & graduate laser (Electro-Optics) laboratory. By continuing to procure modern instrumentation such as monochrometer, low power lasers, pyroelectric radiometers and fiber optic systems, this equipment will allow creation of an electro-optics laboratory. This project would impact many students over a 5-year period and will strengthen undergraduate & graduate education in the engineering and important fields of laser and fiber-optics.

Current Problems with the Laboratory:

The development of the lab is at an early stage. We are currently designing experiments and demonstrations, and starting to procure equipment.

Equipment Needs:

  1. Optical table (Vibration Insulated)
  2. Monochrometer
  3. Pyroelectric radiometer
  4. Low power HeNe laser
  5. Laser beam expander
  6. Fiber optic table w/accessories
  7. Digital Optic sensor (computer controlled)
  8. Fabry-Perot interferometer
  9. Electro-optic modulator with driver
  10. Spatial filters
  11. Photodetectors
  12. Reflectometer

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