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ECE 9-119 Power Lab

Lab Directors: Sean Monemi, Dennis Fitzgerald, Ha Le

Courses Offered: ECE109L, ECE207L, ECE310L, ECE468L, ECE469L, ECE421, ECE422, ETE152, ETE153, ETE253, ETE254, ETE355, ETE260, ETE479

Laboratory Size: 1226 square feet

Average # of students per year: 369

Lab Function:

Provides equipment for ECE Core Power lab (ECE360), Power Electronics (ECE468L, ECE469L) , and can be used for lower level networks (ECE109L, ETE153L) and for non-major (ECE231L) labs.

Lab Status:

  • The lab is set up with 12 Lab Volt Machine test stands. All 12 benches have capability for 3-phase and 1-phase power experiments. Equipment (transformers, capacitors, etc.) for a variety of labs is stored bin the room. Each bench is equipped with a DC power supply, digital multimeter(s), a frequency counter, signal generator, and a scope.
  • 12 new Digital Oscilloscopes Tektronix 2022A (spare parts ARE available)
  • 12 Agilent 33210A function generators
  • 12 AC digital wattmeters

Current Problems with the Laboratory:

  • The experiments currently use primarily analog meters which are more vulnerable to damage, costly to repair , and generally less accurate than modern digital power meters. The bench digital meters are not suitable for many of the power experiments.
  • There are not enough machine test stands which leads to overcrowded conditions.
  • The support equipment (variable loads, tachometers, etc.) are insufficient or inadequate.

Equipment Needs:

  1. The Lab Volt Machine test  sets should be retrofitted with a "stiffer" dynamometer setup utilizing strain gauges and torque readouts.
  2. Five 3-phase Squirell cage Induction motors.
  3. Five DC machines
  4. 12 Lab Volt virtual instruments interface units for rotating machines.
  5. 12 computers
  6. Five Power factor meters
  7. Five Magtran training systems (Lab Volt Magnetic experiments)
  8. Ten Digital RPM meters. The rpm meters may be retrofitted into current and future sets.

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