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ECE 9-329 Team Project Lab

Lab Directors: Phyllis Nelson

Courses Offered: ECE 465, EGR 481, EGR 482

Laboratory Size: 1429 square feet

Average # of students per year: 1200

Lab Function:

This laboratory is open for the students to design, implement and test their team projects.

Lab Status:

This laboratory houses twelve benches equipped with the followings:

  1. PC (upgraded)
  2. Oscilloscope
  3. DMM
  4. Signal Generator
  5. Power Supply
This room also houses 24 lockers for the students to store their equipment and tools.

Current Problems with the Laboratory:

Equipment Needs:

  1. 12 Digital oscilloscopes
  2. Twelve DMMs
  3. Twelve Power Supplies
  4. Twelve Function Generators

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