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ECE 9-431 Basic Electronics Lab

Lab Directors: Jenny Yu, Mohammad Massoudi

Courses Offered: ECE 220L, ECE 320L, ECE 322L, ECE325L, ETE253, ETE254, ETE265, ETE355, ETE360, ETE364, ETE 3689, ETE369, ETE371, ETE457

Laboratory Size: 1531 square feet

Average # of students per year: 416

Lab Function:

This lab supports experiments in the area of Analog Electronics at the Junior level. It also serves as a general purpose electrical engineering laboratory.

Lab Status:

This room houses 12 laboratory benches equipped with:

  • Oscilloscope 2-channel 100 MHz digital oscilloscope provided with a measurement/storage module.
  • Computer with PSPICE , Wordprocessor, and spreadsheet software.
  • Dual power supply (503A)
  • Trygon dual power supply
  • Function generator (503)
  • Pulse generator (501)
  • DMM (502A)

Current Problems with the Laboratory:

Equipment Needs:

  1. Two curve tracer.
  2. One plotter.

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