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ECE 9-435 Microcontroller Lab

Lab Directors: Toma Sacco, Yi Cheng

Courses Offered: ECE204L, ECe 205L, ECE220L, ECE320L, ECE322L, ECE325L, ECE 341L, ECE 342L, ECE343L

Laboratory Size: 1446 square feet

Average # of students per year: 390

Lab Function:

This is our fundamental laboratory in microprocessors, microcontrollers and embedded systems. It also serves as a general purpose Digital Electronics laboratory.

Lab Status:

  • Fifteen networked PCs. Each PC is loaded with the following software:
    • Cadence
    • Java Web Start
    • Eclipse
    • Cypress
    • Lightning Analysts
    • MathSoft Apps
    • MATLAB
    • Microsoft Developer Network
    • Microsoft Office Tools
    • Microsoft Visual Studio
    • ModelSim SE
    • National Instruments LabVIEW
    • Xilinx ISE
    • Microsoft Access
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft Word
    • Xterm to es-sun-00
  • Fifteen laboratory benches each equipped with:
    • DMM (Tektronix, DM502)
    • 2-channel 100 MHZ HP digital oscilloscope provided with a measurement/storage module . Measurement obtained by these oscilloscope could be transferred to the computers where analysis are performed.
    • Function Generator (Tektronix, 502)
    • Power Supply (Tektronix, PS503A)

Current Problems with the Laboratory:

  • The DMMs, Power Supplies, and Function Generators are old and they need to be replaced.

Equipment Needs:

  1. Fifteen DMMs
  2. Fifteen Power Supplies
  3. Fifteen Function Generators

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