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ECE 9-523a Biomedical Lab

Lab Directors: Phyllis Nelson

Courses Offered: ECE 435L, ECE400, ECE499

Laboratory Size:

Average # of students per year: 24

Lab Function:

    It provides support for

    • Biomedical instructions, design and experimentation
    • Study of lighting and lighting device's on people and medical devices

Lab Status:

We have equipment to measure resting blood pressure &EKG. We have exercise equipment but no equipment to measure physiological and study under stress. We have some clinical lab equipment to use in body fluid analysis but requires calibration by outside source.

Current Problems with the Laboratory:

  • All equipment for this laboratory was donated and is in various states of functionality.
  • We have a treadmill and EKG machine, but they are 30 years old and we are only able to do a resting EKG.

Equipment Needs:

  1. Audiometer
  2. Spirometer
  3. ECG
  4. Two oscilloscopes

Vision for Lab:

  1. Be able to demonstrate and make basis physiological measurements: vision, hearing, body fluid analysis, ultrasound, and exercise/resting, blood pressure and respiration.
  2. Be able to demonstrate/ measure the effect of the environment (light & sound) on a human subject and medical devices.

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