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ECE 9-529 RF/Microwave & Electromagnetic Lab

Lab Directors: Hyoung Soo Kim, Gerald Herder

Courses Offered: ECE322L, ECE402, ECE410L, ECE448L, ETE437, ETE488

Laboratory Size: 1556 square feet

Average # of students per year: 101

Lab Function:

    Room 9-529 is the Radio-Frequency Laboratory. It currently supports a total of eight
    undergraduate, technology and graduate courses in the areas of RF, microwave, applied electromagnetics and
    antenna theory. It provides hands-on experience in measurement techniques at RF/microwave frequencies
    ranging from 10 MHz to 18 GHz. It has eight working stations equipped with signal generators, slotted lines,
    waveguides, RF components, VSWR meters, and power meters. The laboratory has six modern network
    analyzers, four reflection/transmission test units, and a spectrum analyzer for extensive microwave circuit
    design and characterization up to 18 GHz. It also has an anechoic chamber for antenna and EMI/RFI

Lab Status:

In RF Transmission Lines students perform 4 to 6 labs using the slotted line, microwave oscillator and VSWR measurement equipment. Students usually perform one lab on pulse transmission outside of the 9-529 (usually 9-503) where fast rise time pulse generators and fast scopes are available. Students are introduce to the Network Analyzer.

In Microwave measurements students perform 3-5 labs using the waveguide slotted lines, microwave oscillator and VSWR measurement equipment. Two of these experiments usually involve swept measurements and another two microwave power measurements. Students perform 2-3 labs in round-robin fashion using the Network Analyzer. New equipments installed in this room:

  1. One HP8753E RF vector network analyzer, 30kHz-3 GHz. Includes synthesized source; S-parameter test set; color display; serial, parallel & HP-IB interface. This system was donated by HP in 1998.
  2. One HP Spectrum Analyzer, 100Hz to 2.9 GHz, contains:
    1. 70004A display
    2. 70001A mainframe
    3. 70904A RF section
    4. 70900B local osillator
    5. 70902A IF section
    6. 70310A precision frequency reference
    7. Modular signal generator, 1 to 20 GHz 4-slot module. Generates CW signals from 1 to 20 GHz with 1 kHz resolution, -90 to +10dBm. AM, FM and pulse modulation.
    8. Frequency extension module, 0.01-1 GHz for the HP 70340A. Provides log AM, FM, and pulse modulation.
  3. This system was donated by HP in 1998
  4. Three HP Digital average power meter. Single channel, programmable. Including power sensor, 10 MHz to 18GHz, -30 to +20 dBm input power range. One of these systems was donated by HP in 1998
  5. Two HP8711C RF Network Analyzer, 300kHz-1.3 GHz integrated transmission/reflection              test set 3 channel broadband/narrowband receiver. 50 ohm. One of these Systems was              donated by HP   in 1998.
  6. Two Economy 50-ohm Type N calibration kit for the HP 8711 network analyzer. Includes open-short and load standards ( 1 each Type N male) for user calibrations of the HP 8711. These kits were donated by HP in 1998.
  7. One 3.5-mm calibration kit, 30 kHz to 6 GHz for HP 8752 or 8753 systems. Includes precision one-piece open & short circuits, fixed loads and precision 7 mm to 3.5 mm adapters. This kit was donated by HP in 1998.
  8. One Communication test set 0.4 to 1000 MHz. 20 MHz processor and PCMCIA Flash Memory. This set was donated by HP in 1998

Current Problems with the Laboratory:

In RF Transmission Lines students must leave lab for Pulse Transients experiment, not a major problem but presently there are not enough high speed scopes and generators available in 9-529. Some VSWR meters need refurbishment. Microwave power sensors and meters in poor condition. Only one good network analyzer. Not enough scopes for swept measurement experiments.

  • Old and obsolete equipment
  • Need technician help in tuning and up-keep of the lab.
  • Need to remove all the clutter and old/unused equipment from the lab.

Equipment Needs:

  1. RF power meters
  2. Connectors ( of various kinds)
  3. Upgrade T/L trays from GR to Type N connectors (GR's are obsolete) $ unknown
  4. Purchase/refurbish VSWR meters $2K .
  5. Buy power sensors (primarily X-band, but some other bands particularly C would be useful) $10K.
  6. New network Analyzers (at least 2), $50K.
  7. SMA and Type N Calibration kits $2K.
  8. Support equipment for antenna chamber work, controller/positioner and microwave receiver ($10K minimum to $200K.
  9. Scopes for swept measurement experiments

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