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Compiled by Mark Bailey

  1. Start promptly and on time.
  2. Reports are due at the start of the period.
  3. Keep the top of your bench as free from unnecessary apparatus as possible.
  4. Be certain the apparatus is set up and connected properly before beginning. When circuits using 120v 60~line power are to be operated, they must first be checked by the instructor before the power is turned on.
  5. No electrical or electronic equipment is ever to be energized, except when an electronics instructor is present in the laboratory.
  6. The experiments are not especially dangerous. However, should an accident occur, report it immediately to your instructor. The best accident preventatives are a thorough knowledge of the experiment and a serious positive attitude toward lab work.
  7. Know the exact location of first-aid kits, fire-fighting equipment and the nearest telephone.
  8. Know who to contact in case of emergency.
  9. Smoking or eating is never permitted inside the laboratory.
  10. "Goofing off" or "horseplay" has no place in the laboratory. Student who persist in this behavior are subject to expulsion from the laboratory.
  11. Leave the bench and equipment clean at the close of each laboratory.
  12. ALWAYS be sure, all of the equipment is turned off at the end of every lab period.
  13. Never leave the lab before the end of the period without permission from the instructor.
  14. Know who is responsible for the lab.

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