Commencement 2010 Program

Cal Poly Pomona

College of Engineering

Commencement Program

10:0 a.m., Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dr.  Michael T. Shelton, Macebearer

Welcome Dr. Cordelia Ontiveros
Associate Dean
Processional Also Sprach Zarathustra - R. Strauss
Liberty Fanfare - J. Williams
National Anthem Mr. Christopher Baclig-Obien
Introduction of Platform Party Dean Edward C. Hohmann
Welcome and Introductory Remarks President J. Michael Ortiz
Presentation of Class Gift Nathan M. Byrd
The Julian A. McPhee Honor Award for Student Excellence Dean Hohmann
Recognition of College and Program Valedictorians
Associate Dean Ontiveros
College of Engineering
Ronald Ghanim Salloum
Aerospace Engineering J. Viranga Perera
Chemical Engineering Sakura Komuro
Civil Engineering Andrew D. Tran
Computer Engineering Nathan Shwe Tham
Construction Engineering Technology Nicholas Jay Miner
Electrical Engineering Ronald Ghanim Salloum
Electronics & Computer Engr. Technology Daniel Stephen Nutt
Engineering Technology Paul Te Young
Industrial Engineering Peter Franklin Gazanian
Manufacturing Engineering Ismael Duran Favela
Mechanical Engineering Adam Joseph Thomas
Faculty Honors and Recognition of Dean Hohmann Associate Dean Ontiveros
Presentation of Candidates for Master's Degrees Dr. Marten denBoer
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Conferring of Master's Degrees President Ortiz
Presentation of Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees Dean Hohmann
Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees President Ortiz
March of the Graduates Associate Dean Ontiveros
Recognition of the Class of 2010 and Families Dean Hohmann
Recessional Procession of the Nobles


Academic Programs of the College of Engineering

Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Ali R. Ahmadi, Chair

Chemical Engineering
Dr. Winny Dong, Chair

Civil Engineering
Prof. Donald P. Coduto, Chair

Construction Engineering Technology
Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology 
Engineering Technology
Prof. Gerald K. Herder, Chair

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Salomón Oldak, Chair

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Dr. Abdul B. Sadat, Chair

Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Hassan M. Rejali, Chair

Master of Science in Engineering,
Master of Science in Civil Engineering,
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering,
Master of Science in Engineering Management, and
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering


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