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Mission & Vision


Enginering Students In Lab Mission
The mission of the Cal Poly Pomona College of Engineering is to produce well-qualified engineering graduates who are ready for immediate and productive entry into the workforce or for graduate studies. The college does so by providing practice-oriented education based on sound engineering principles and applications, while also emphasizing the teamwork, communication and creative skills needed to be leaders in a global society

- Adopted June 2, 2011

Prof. Bhandari Vision
The Cal Poly Pomona College of Engineering strives to be a leader in providing relevant and rigorous engineering education in a learning-centered environment. As such, the college endeavors to offer programs and curricula that are up-to-date, globally competitive, and supported by strong ties to educational and industrial partners, while maintaining a community of students, staff, and faculty who are talented, successful, and reflect the diversity of California.

- Adopted June 2, 2011

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