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At Core Training, teachers learn how to use design software and work in teams to build their projects so that they can take what they learn back to their students in the classroom.

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PLTW courses previously offered at Cal Poly Pomona:

Summer 2014:

Group Photos (view photos)

DM (view photos)

AR (view photos)

CSE (view photos)

CIM (view photos)

EDD (view photos)

ME (view photos)

FS (view photos)

MD (view photos)

IED (view photos)

POE (view photos)


Summer 2013:

Session I: CIM, EDD, MEFS & MDST (view photos)

Session II: IED, POE, DM & AR (view photos)

Group Photos: (view photos)

Summer 2012:

Session I: EDD, POE, DE & GTT-Basic (view photos)

Session II: CIM, IED & GTT (view photos)

Summer 2011:
Session I: GTT Advanced, IED & POE (view photos)
Session II: CIM. DE & GTT Basic (view photos)

Summer 2010:
Session I: CIM, EDD & GTT Basic (view photos)
Session II: IED & POE (view photos)

Summer 2009:
Session I: IED & CIM (view photos)

Session II: POE & GTT (view photos)