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Refresher Workshop

Refresher Workshops at Cal Poly Pomona - College of Engineering
Workshops will be held on campus at Cal Poly Pomona to answer any class-related questions that teachers may have. These sessions seek to resolve any issues/questions relating to the program material that teachers may have come across since their Core Training. The sessions allow the attendees to share their advice and class projects in a group environment to help further the learning environment at the respective schools. Master Teachers will be leading the Refresher Workshops. Prior to the event, an email will be sent to those who have taken the respective class during Core Training here at Cal Poly Pomona. There is no registration fee.

Who Should Attend:
Those who have questions relating to the material or want to see how other teachers are instructing their classes. The workshops to be offered are listed below.


  • Friday February 6, 2015


California State Polytechnic Univeristy, Pomona (Building 17)

High School teachers work together during Principal of Engineering Refresher

Workshop at Cal Poly Pomona in February 2015.

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