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Dr. Gan w/ Students Amazing Possibilities of Nanoparticles
Mechanical engineering professor Dr. Yong Gan is doing big things with tiny particles with the help of talented undergraduate students. As a leading researcher in the field of nanotechnology, Gan and four student researchers at Cal Poly Pomona’s College of Engineering are studying ways to use nanoparticles—microscopic objects that can be less than 1/1,000th the width of a human hair—to improve the physical world. If you would like to support Amazing Possibilities of Nanoparticles project...


Elevating the State of the Art in UAV Technology
Dr. Subodh Bhandari, from the Aerospace Engineering Department, received $360,000 from the National Science Foundation and a $150,000 equipment donation from Northrop Grumman Corp. to advance the state of the art in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology. In addition, the UAV lab at Cal Poly Pomona consists of equipment worth more than $300,000 purchased through grants from the U.S. Air Force and the Army Research Office. UAVs bring numerous benefits to society, including disaster assessment and response, crop spraying, border patrol and homeland security, energy exploration and motion-picture production. “UAVs are cheaper, simpler and safer than manned aircraft,” says Bhandari. “And the range of contributions that they will soon be making in society is immense.” If you would like to support Elevating the State of the Art in UAV Technology project...


Putting California Traffic Solutions in Motion
Dr. Xudong Jia and Dr.Wen Cheng, Civil Engineering Department, have entered into a research collaboration with the University of California Transportation Center (UCTC), which is a synergistic research consortium composed of a select group of California universities, including Cal Poly Pomona as an affiliate member. Funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the California Department of Transportation, this research will provide both immediate andlong-term solutions to the transportation challenges we face in California. “We are very excited about our collaboration with this elite research group and the benefits that it will bring to future generations,” Jia says. “The transportation problems are well understood by all Californians. Long delays on highways have become commonplace. But traffic congestion is not just tiresome; it also has a direct negative impact on productivity of the workforce as well as an adverse effect on the health of the population.” If you would like to support Putting California Traffic Solutions in Motion project...

Smart Grid

Powering Ahead – Smart Grid and Energy Infrastructure
Technology holds the potential to dramatically improve the efficiency and quality of our nation’s electric power generation and distribution systems. Dr. Saeed Monemi, a professor in electrical & computer engineering, received $350,000 from the Department of Energy and Southern California Edison to conduct research in this rapidly growing field. “Some of the exciting benefits that smart grid technology will bring to society are reduced pollution, lower energy bills, fewer power outages and sustainable energy,” says Monemi. “Advances in smart grid technology are important for avoiding massive power outages like the one this year in India which left more than 600 million people in the dark.” If you would like to support Powering Ahead - Smart Grid and Energy Infrastructure project...

Robotic Haptic System

Rehabilitation Therapy Using a Robotic Haptic System
An undergraduate student research team, led by Dr. Norali Pernalete , Engineering Technology, is working to impact the health sciences community.  Their innovative research in rehabilitation robotics, called a Robotic Haptic System, is exploring how to improve eye-hand coordination in children diagnosed with poor graphomotor skills using robotic mapping from a haptic user interface to a virtual environment.  “By focusing my research on rehabilitation robotics, I hope to give students the chance to see how engineering can help people achieve a better quality of life,” Pernalete says. If you would like to support Rehabilitation Therapy Using a Robotic Haptic System project...

Projects Lab


Project Development Labs
The College of Engineering Project Development laboratories offer students the unique opportunity to utilize space for development of engineering projects related to the field. These labs provide students a facility in which to actively develop, design, fabricate, and test engineering projects.  The facility consists of professional machine tools and equipment for manufacturing and fabrication.  Students use these applied laboratories to perform a broad range of tasks from Carbon Fiber layup to Vehicle Static and Dynamic Analysis and Engine Dynamometer testing. More... If you would like to support Project Development Labs project...

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