For information contact:

Mona Hsieh, Coordinator
EMAIL:  MYHSIEH@csupomona.edu

Admissions:  Prospective students for all programs in the College may obtain admissions information
in this office, as well as in the appropriate departmental offices. Copies of articulation agreements
with community colleges are also available.

Registration:  Information is provided regarding telephone registration, adding and dropping classes,
simultaneous enrollment at other colleges, petitions for undergraduate credit in a graduate course, etc.

Records:  Files for students currently enrolled in the undergraduate Architecture and Landscape Architecture
programs are maintained in this office. All other active student files are maintained in the respective department
offices. Students may inquire in this office as to whether or not an instructor has submitted a change of grade;
however, blank change-of-grade forms are given to faculty only. Incomplete grade contracts are kept on file in
this office. Student files may be checked out by faculty only. Student addresses and telephone numbers are
confidential and will be given only to faculty.

Advising: This office assists the student's faculty advisor in providing undergraduate students with academic
advising and information regarding University and College policy and procedure. Graduate students should
contact the graduate coordinator in their major department for academic advising and graduate program
information. All petitions which require the Dean's signature are submitted to the Coordinator for approval
after the student has obtained all other signatures required on the form.