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2010 Best Practice Award for Student Energy Efficiency

On April 22, 2010, the winners were announced for the Energy Efficiency Partnership Program Best Practice Awards Competition for 2010. The Green Campus Program at Cal Poly Pomona received a Best Practice Award for Student Energy Efficiency. Green Campus interns, Andrew Coyne (URP), Elaine Dulay (URP), Shannon Nowell (LA), and Brandon Ro (ARC), were on the award winning team that submitted three program highlight areas that they have worked on over the past few years. These included exterior and interior lighting audits, student housing energy competitions, and an educational outreach campaign.  Each area demonstrated relevancy to the best practice program, cross-campus replicability, multi-discipline design collaboration, energy savings, and campus-wide impact. Green Campus interns will be presenting their projects at this year's ninth annual 2010 California Higher Education Sustainability Conference in June.

Cal Poly Pomona – Green Campus Program
In partnership with campus staff, Green Campus interns at Cal Poly Pomona conducted numerous interior and exterior lighting audits. Using the findings of these audits, interns successfully lobbied for a series of retrofits and operations changes that are saving the campus close to $100,000 per year in energy costs. For example, after analyzing light levels and hours of operation in the campus’s new 750,000 square foot parking garage, interns convinced staff in Parking and Transportation to remove unnecessary lamps and greatly reduce lighting levels during nighttime, weekend, and holiday hours. In addition to their work on campus lighting, interns also created an educational video documenting energy and water conservation best practices, and held multiple energy conservation competitions in student housing.