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College of Environmental Design

As one of only six polytechnic universities nationwide, Cal Poly Pomona's hallmark is its learn-by-doing philosophy, directly stemming from its polytechnic mission. By blending theory and practice in all its disciplines, the university recognizes that the students solving classroom problems today will be the employees solving the real-world problems tomorrow. Students are afforded opportunities to apply their knowledge in hands-on projects, collaborate with faculty members on research, and participate in valuable internships and service-learning programs.


The College offers professional degree programs at the graduate level in Regenerative Studies undergraduate and graduate levels in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban and Regional Planning; and at the undergraduate level in Art. The five departments in the college are:

Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Environmental Design is to provide an outstanding academic and professional learning experience within a multidisciplinary structure. The College philosophy embodies a passion for creative excellence, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility in each of the College's departments.

A message from the Dean

dean karen hannaKaren Hanna is the Dean and principal administrator of the College of Environmental Design, which serves approximately 1,700 undergraduate and graduate majors in ten degree programs offered by four academic departments.

Dean Hanna is in the process of earning a doctorate in landscape architecture from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. She earned a master of arts in geography from the University of Arkansas (1993) and spent time in graduate studies in landscape architecture at the University of California, Berkeley (1974). Her bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture is from the University of Michigan (1971). Complete Curriculum Vitae.

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