Salik Research Group


Department of Physics and Astronomy at Cal Poly Pomona
3801 W Temple Ave, 8-218
Pomona, CA 91768, U.S.A.

Voice: 909-869-3981
Fax: 909-869-5090

Principal Investigator

Ertan Salik
Associate Professor of Physics at Cal Poly Pomona
Curriculum Vitae: pdf


Brandi Wooten
Physics and Astronomy

Bianca Cruz
Physics and Astronomy

Elline Hettiaratchy
Physics and Astronomy

Lauren Keyes
Physics and Astronomy

Jordan deHaven
Physics and Astronomy

Nolan Johnston
Physics and Astronomy

Alec Hasagawa
Mechanical Engineering


Martin Sanchez and Angela Lie are now with Luminit Corp., Torrance, CA.

Conor Rowland has started his Ph. D. studies at the University of Oregon, Department of Physics.

Tabitha Bailey and Jose Martinez of Citrus College spent their summer in our lab and completed their summer projects successfully.

Our group member Ryan Omidi, who worked on development of a tunable fiber laser for sensor interrogation, has transferred to UCLA Electrical Engineering Department and now works at Ozcan Research Group.

Michael Wang of Walnut High School who participated in development of a computational microscope has been admitted to Cornell Univ.

Victor Herrera is with Spectoccular Labs in Pomona, CA.

Andrew Wilcoski has transferred to UC Santa Cruz Physics Department.

Rachel Ulanch (Davidson Optronics, West Covina, CA)

John Miller (Graduate Student at UCLA Physics, Los Angeles, CA)

Emil Rueckert (Graduate Student at Cal State Fullerton Physics, Fullerton, CA)

Oscar Ledezma (Graduate Student at Cal State Los Angeles Electrical Engineering-Biomedical Option, Los Angeles, CA)

Kal Kadlec (Mechanical Engineer at Panavision)

Michael Medrano (Graduate student at Physics Dept, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California)

Christopher Anderberg (Software and Web Developer, One World Lab, San Diego, CA)

Gregory Cohoon (Graduate student at College of Optics, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona)

Chris Boyter (Graduate student at Physics Dept., UC Riverside, Riverside, California)

Joseph Koh (Graduate student in Medical Physics at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan)

Gregory Stough (Optical Engineer, Newport Corporation ILX LIghtwave Division, Bozeman, MT)

Tyler Hernandez (Works on Energy Efficiency at Solar City)

Thomas Young (Works on molecular beam epitaxy for the fabrication of
semiconductor devices at Northrop Grumman Microelectronic Sector)

Gabriel Andaya (Electrical Engineer at Southern California Edison)

Michael Errico (Electronics Engineer at Jet Propulsion Lab, Thermoelectrics Group, Pasadena, CA)