Cal Poly Pomona

Engineering Technology Program


The Engineering Technology Program curriculum provides a broad education in the
fundamentals of Engineering Technology. Students may pursue a general program which covers mechanical and /or manufacturing engineering technology.

The educational objectives of this program are to provide each graduate with:

• Engineering Competence - Graduates will be competent engineers with problem solving
and design skills, and have the ability to apply mathematics and science to solve engineering

• Foundation in modern technologies - Graduates will be knowledgeable about current
technologies and will recognize the need to engage in life-long learning.

• Professional Skills - Graduates will have strong communication skills, and the ability to
work successfully in teams. They will be well prepared for work in industry.

• Well-rounded education - Graduates will have knowledge of contemporary issues, an
understanding of professional and ethical responsibility, and possess a general education
necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global and societal context.

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