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Appointments may be temporary, probationary, or tenured. At the time of initial appointment, faculty members receive a tenure-track appointment form (or letter of appointment for temporary faculty) that lists beginning and ending dates of the initial appointment, classification, salary, rank, time base, teaching load, assigned department or equivalent unit, and special conditions. The appointment form/letter should be read carefully. Any questions should be brought immediately to the attention of the department chair.

Department Chair

Department chairs shall normally be selected from the list of tenured or probationary faculty employees recommended by the department for the assignment. (CBA 20.30)

Please refer to Appendix 15: The Academic Department Chair for further information. (PDF)

Temporary Appointments

Temporary appointments may be for periods of a quarter, parts of a year, or one (1) or more years. Full-time temporary academic appointments have a workload of 15 weighted teaching units (WTU). Note: "temporary faculty" includes both full and part-time faculty.

Part-time temporary academic appointments have a workload of less than 15 weighted teaching units (WTU).

Temporary faculty positions are posted with the department. Please visit the appropriate College website for more information. 

      • Temporary Faculty Appointment Form  (DOC)
      • Academic Appointment Form (DOC)
      • Substitute Faculty Voucher (DOC)
Three Year Appointments

Temporary faculty (excluding coaches) employed during the prior academic year and possessing six (6) or more years of prior consecutive service on that campus shall be offered a three-year temporary appointment following an evaluation conducted pursuant to provisions 15.20(d) and 15.28. Two quarters is equivalent to one year of service. Service need not be continuous but the entire six year period must have been worked on a single campus in a single department. (CBA 12.12)


The faculty recruitment process plays a vital role in helping the University recruit and retain a well-qualified and diverse faculty. The Faculty Recruitment Guide and Appendix 38 are intended to provide the overall framework of policies and procedures to guide faculty committees, departments, Deans, and others in achieving the University's goal of managed change and the recruitment and retention of a well-qualified and diverse community of teacher-scholars.

Appendix 38: Recruitment and Appointment Procedures for Tenure-Line Faculty (PDF)

Below are the forms you will need to complete the appointment process.

  • Academic Appointment Form (DOC)
  • Authorization to Search/Appointment Form (DOC | PDF)
Unit 11

Graduate Assistants (GA), Teaching Associates (TA), and Instructional Student Assistants (ISA) positions are governed under the Unit 11 Collective Bargaining Agreement. Only appropriately qualified students may be hired into these classifications. Colleges and departments maintain a listing of open positions on their websites. Open hire positions are those positions available for currently enrolled or admitted students that are not used to fulfill a prior commitment of support made to a student (a) at the time of admission or (b) under an existing advising relationship with a faculty member. Please visit College or equivalent unit websites for open positions for Teaching Associates and Graduate Assistants.  Visit the Career Center website for Instructional Student Assistant open positions on campus.

Generally, incumbents in Unit 11 positions may not work more than 20 hours per week during academic periods, and may work full-time during academic break periods.  Teaching Associates, Graduate Assistants and Instructional Student Assistants may have concurrent assignments in other student classifications as long as the maximum hours are not exceeded.  Please contact Faculty Affairs for questions and specific information concerning work hour limitations.

Graduate Assistants

Under immediate supervision, the Graduate Assistant assists a regular faculty member or the teaching staff with various professional and technical duties associated generally with the subjects or programs in which the assistant is performing graduate work. This work should not take precedence over the successful completion of the graduate degree program by the student in a timely manner.

Prior to hiring Graduate Assistants, the department/program should consult the Unit 11 CBA as well as the Classification and Qualification Standards and relevant CSU Coded Memoranda.

Graduate students must be hired into one of the following job/class codes:

  • 2355 – Graduate Assistants, Academic Year
  • 2325 – Graduate Assistants, Monthly (and Summer)
  • 2326 – On-Campus Work-Study

Teaching Associates

The Teaching Associate classification provides currently enrolled or admitted CSU graduate students with part-time employment offering practical teaching experience in fields related to their advanced study. Teaching Associates are typically responsible for providing classroom and/or laboratory instruction and they may also assist faculty or teaching staff with various professional and technical activities. Work assignments are closely associated with their program of study or the academic department in which they are enrolled.

Range A represents the salary range for CSU graduate students who (1) are currently enrolled or admitted to master’s degree programs and (2) usually teach credit-bearing courses. Range B represents the salary range for CSU graduate students who (1) are currently enrolled or admitted to doctoral degree programs, or hold a doctorate, and (2) usually teach credit-bearing courses.

Prior to hiring Teaching Associates, the department/program should consult the Unit 11 CBA as well as the Minimum Classification and Qualification Standards and relevant CSU Coded Memoranda.

Teaching Associates must be hired into one of the following job/class codes:

  • 2354 – Teaching Associates, Academic Year
  • 2353 – Teaching Associates, 12-Month
  • 2324 – Teaching Associates, Summer Term
  • 2309 – Teaching Associate, Extended Education – For Credit

Instructional Student Assistants

Under supervision, Instructional Student Assistants in this classification perform teaching, grading or tutoring duties for the majority of work hours in a given appointment in a given academic department or equivalent administrative unit over the course of an academic term. Assignments are made by academic department or equivalent administrative unit by a specific supervisor at a CSU campus. The work may be performed on-campus or at an off-campus public agency or private non-profit organization under an agreement with a campus in the CSU system.

Prior to hiring Instructional Student Assistants, the department/program should consult the Unit 11 CBA as well as the Minimum Classification and Qualification Standards and relevant CSU Coded Memoranda.

Instructional Student Assistants must be hired into the following job/class codes:

  • 1150 – Instructional Student Assistant (On-Campus)
  • 1151 – Instructional Student Assistant (On-Campus Work Study)
  • 1152 – Instructional Student Assistant (Off-Campus)
  • 1153 – Instructional Student Assistant (Off-Campus Work Study

Summary of Open Unit 11 Positions Filled as of April 1, 2016

Visiting Faculty

Visiting Faculty are full-time faculty appointments, for up to one academic year, for individuals from outside the appointing campus who are recognized in their field and whose employment at the CSU would benefit the mission of the University

Visiting faculty appointments are temporary and non-renewable. Visiting Faculty appointments may either be:

  • 2393 - Visiting Faculty, Academic Year
  • 2391 - Visiting Faculty, 12 Month

Appointees to the Visiting Faculty classifications are excluded from certain provisions of the CBA. Incumbents are not eligible to serve a probationary period, gain tenure, or earn an ongoing entitlement. These appointments are approved by the campus President or designee. The number of employees in the Visiting Faculty classification shall not exceed 125 full time equivalent faculty systemwide. Please contact the Office of Academic Planning, Policy, and Faculty Affairs for further information.


Individuals who volunteer services to the CSU, whether on an ongoing basis or for a short-term event, are considered CSU volunteers and are not appointed to an employee classification. A CSU volunteer is an individual who performs work or provides services without compensation for a quarter, academic year, calendar year, or any part thereof. CSU volunteers may perform a variety of functions in support of campus activities.