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Policies & Procedures

Labor Relations


  • Faculty Textbook Ordering (PDF)
  • Personnel Action Files (PAFs) (PDF)    
  • Procedures for Faculty International Travel (PDF)   
  • CSU Foreign Travel Insurance Program (PDF)
  • Reserving a Seat for a Personal Aide in a Course (PDF)


  • Changes to the University’s Organizational Structure: Departments (PDF)
  • College Textbook Transparency Act (PDF)
  • CSU Immigration Manual (PDF)
  • Eligibility of Principal Investigator (PI) - (Link)
  • EO 1095 - Implementation of Title IX, VAWA/Campus SaVE Act, and Related Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Legislation (PDF)
  • EO 1097 - Systemwide Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Against Students and Systemwide Procedure for Handling Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Complaints by Students (PDF)
  • Policy on Academic Program Discontinuance, Merger or Movement (PDF)
  • Policy on Adjunct Faculty (PDF)
  • Policy on Sales of Course Material (formerly Conflict of Interest in the Assignment of Course Materials) (PDF)   
  • Policy on Selection of Outstanding Faculty Advisor (PDF)
  • Section 302.1: Faculty Office Hours Policy (PDF)
  • Section 302.4: University Course Syllabus Policy (PDF)   
  • Section 305: Faculty Performance Evaluations (PDF)
  • Section 305.11: Overview (PDF)
  • Section 305.12: RTP (PDF)
  • Section 305.13: Post-Tenure (PDF)   
  • Section 305.14: First-Year (PDF)
  • Section 305.15: Lecturers (PDF)
  • Section 305.16: Lecturer Range Elevation - Policy (PDF)
  • Section 308.5: Faculty Leaves of Absence Without Pay (PDF)
  • Appendix 10: Student Evaluation of Teaching (PDF)
  • Appendix 14: Policy on Management Personnel Plan (MPP) Appointments (PDF)
  • Appendix 15: The Academic Department Chair (PDF)
  • Appendix 16: RTP Policy and Procedures (PDF)
  • Appendix 18: MPP Periodic Review Process (PDF)
  • Appendix 26: Sabbatical Leave Policy (PDF)
  • Appendix 26A: Sabbatical Leave Application Form (PDF | DOC)
  • Appendix 25: Difference-in-Pay Leave Policy (PDF)
  • Appendix 25A: Difference-in-Pay Leave Application Form (DOC)
  • Appendix 26C: Off Cycle Difference-in Pay Leave Policy (PDF | DOC)
  • Appendix 26C: Off Cycle Difference-in-Pay Leave Form (PDF | DOC)
  • Appendix 27: Faculty Performance Review Form (RTP Form) (PDF | DOC)
  • Appendix 27A: Periodic Evaluation of Probationary/Tenured Faculty Form (PDF | DOC)   
  • Appendix 27B: Periodic Evaluation of Temporary Faculty Form (PDF | DOC)
  • Appendix 38: Faculty Recruitment Procedures (PDF)
  • Affirmative Action Compliance Report - Form (PDF | DOC)
  • Appendix 39: Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility Acknowledgement (PDF)