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Programs & Events

CSU Symposium & PolyTeach Joint Conference

April 13 & 14, 2018

Bronco Student Center

Join faculty from around the CSU for the CSU Symposium and PolyTeach! The conference theme is "Productive Disruption" -- what are we doing in our classrooms or with our students that’s out of the ordinary and helps them think more deeply, achieve more ambitiously, succeed more forthrightly?

The agenda includes plenty of time for networking and collegial conversation among faculty from around the CSU, plus highlights:

Friday April 13:

  • Robert Talbert, Grand Valley State University – 3-hr hands-on workshop “Flipping the Classroom”
  • Deb Pires, UCLA – 2-hr hands-on workshop “Active Learning with iClicker”
  • Cal Poly Pomona faculty “Wall of COOL” award talks
  • Janine Kremling, CSU San Bernardino – Plenary “Overcoming Resistance to Productive Disruption – What We’re Learning from Our Students
  • Mixer & Reception

Saturday April 14:

  • Breakfast with faculty poster presentation session & poster plenary discussion
  • Faculty presentations – concurrent sessions
  • Uri Treisman, UT Austin Professor of Mathematics & MacArthur Foundation Fellow – Plenary Keynote o Uri will also have a morning breakout session for Math & STEM faculty
  • Networking lunch
  • More faculty presentations & concurrent sessions

Friday is free for Cal Poly Pomona faculty, while Saturday has a small registration fee to help defray costs ($30 plus an eventbrite fee).  

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The Five-Week Dash: Teaching Compressed Format Courses

Thursday March 22, 9:00 -- 3:00

Library Special Events Room, 4th floor near the Dean's Office

This summer is different at Cal Poly Pomona -- there's only ONE summer session, and it's only five weeks long! And, we anticipate that many more students than usual will try to take the summer session as Fall Semester looms.

Teaching a five-weeker is very different than teaching a 10-week quarter. It demands impeccable up-front preparation and some different teaching strategies. Get a jump-start with this hands-on full day workshop.

Topics and activities will include:

  • Best practices for teaching compressed format courses
  • Helping your students succeed in five weeks
  • Generating a daily course calendar for the five weeks: General topic, at least one active learning possibility, and a draft of student preparatory activities for most days
  • Create a detailed, personalized project plan to complete the preparation for your 5-week course during spring quarter

Register 5-Week Dash

Saddle Up for Semesters: More Semester Conversion Camps!

Well, our Early Bird Special Semester Conversion Camp filled up fast, so we're putting all our cards on the table! You can go ahead and register for more Conversion Camps:

This is a 3-day guided agenda program to convert quarter courses to semester courses using best practices. There will be short presentations about best practices, and also plenty of time to work on your own courses. We are hoping to have a budget for small stipends (no promises yet, stay tuned!). Both tenure line and lecturer faculty are welcome.

Semester Conversion Camps are limited to 15 participants. June 11, the special guest speaker day, will be open to everyone. We ask that you register for ONLY ONE Semester Conversion Camp! Because these are limited access, we ask that you register only if you are making a firm commitment to attend. Thanks for understanding!