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15th Annual Faculty Day!!!

Thursday May 7, 11:30 a.m. -- 12:50 p.m.

Engineering Meadow, between Bldg 9 & 17

We're continuing the Faculty Day tradition!  Meet new people and spend some time with old friends, listen to a little music, have lunch, and just take some time to think about and enjoy the reasons we all became faculty:  big ideas, passtionate students, and incredibly smart colleagues.  ALL faculty are warmly invited, full-time and part-time, retired, and new!  Come as you can -- leave when you need to -- and bring a faculty friend.

No need to register, just come on over to the Meadow!

Register for all events.

PolyTeach: Technology & the Innovative University

Friday April 3, 9:00 am -- 2:00 pm, Ursa Major, Bronco Student Center

PolyTeach 2015 was a fantastic event!  We all enjoyed hearing from Lynda Weinman and co-founder Bruce Heavin of  Then we heard from four innovative faculty and did a little "technology speed dating."  After lunch, the 2015 Wall of COOL faculty received their certificates from Dr. Coley, and we wrapped up with thoughts from Lynda on entrepreneurship and education.

If you were not able to come, but would like to see the talks, we'll be putting up videos as soon as we get them captioned.  You can also request a ring of "technology speed dating" cards and see what fun, useful apps we demonstrated.

See you at PolyTeach 2016!

See for more information.

Postponed!!  Dates later in spring quarter TBA

The 'HERS' Institute:  Terri Gomez & Christina Chavez-Reyes

The Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) Institutes offer intensive residential professional development experiences for women faculty and administrators in mid-level and senior-level positions in higher education. Terri Gomez & Christina Chavez-Reyes recently participate in HERS, and will share their experiences and what they learned.

Please register.

An Adventure in Classroom Flipping: Implementing a Flipped Classroom Pedagogy in an Introductory Programming Course:  Paul Nissenson

Tuesday April 14, 12-12:50 pm, Faculty Center 1-228

Paul Nissenson of Mechanical Engineering discusses his methods for "flipping" a class that students in the ME department find extremely challenging.

Please register.

Studio 6 Open House

Thursday April 16, 11:30 am -- 1:30 pm, Bdg 1-205

eLearning's Studio 6 computer lab and helpful student assistants have moved to Building 1 Room 205!  In the classroom wing, look for the teal blue door.  Come see our beautiful new space, enjoy some refreshments, and maybe even get an update about the latest in Blackboard.  Drop by as you are able on April 16, then come back any time to use the resources.  Call us at x3099.

Creating Accessible Course Materials:  Word & Powerpoint

Tuesday April 21, 12-12:50 pm, Faculty Center 1-228

Creating course materials that are accessible for students with disabilities is not hard -- in fact, it's a lot easier to create 'em accessible than it is to go back and fix 'em after the fact!  This hands-on workshop will show you how to create Word and Powerpoint documents that all your students can use.

Please register -- so we can be sure to have enough laptops.

Teaching Happy Hour!

Tuesday April 28 OR Wednesday April 29, 12: 00 -- 12:50 pm, Faculty Center 1-228 or 227 (follow the signs!)

Get together with other faculty for informal talk about teaching. 

Please register. 

Creating Accessible Course Materials:  PDFs

Tuesday April 28, 12-12:50 pm, Faculty Center 1-228

PDFs are a staple of online course materials.  But they can pose special problems for students with disabilities.  This semi-hand-on workshop will help you identify some common problems with pdfs and introduce you to solutions.  Also, you'll see where to get more detailed information about dealing with pdfs.

Please register -- so we can be sure to have enough laptops.

Service-Learning and Semester Conversion

Thursday April 30,12:00 -- 12:50 pm, Faculty Center 1-228

The Center for Community Engagement & Dr. Lina Neto, Director of Semester Conversion, team up to discuss how semester conversion will affect classes which are designated as service learning.

Please register.

Advising Students with Mental Health Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Friday May 1, 11:00 a.m. -- 1:00 p.m., UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Special Events Room 15-4829

The Disability Resource Center, Academic Programs, and the Faculty Center team up to provide an interactive workshop about advising students with disabilities.  We'll focus on working with students with mental health disabilities and students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Such students often have average to high intelligence, but struggle with gaps in intellectual, communication, and adaptive functional skills.  Students with Autism often have difficulties with verbal communication and processing and responding to nonverbal social cues.  Many students with mental illness experience chronic, unpredictable episodes of mood disturbances and physical, affective, and cognitive changes that significantly affect their ability to think, concentrate, or even make minor decisions.  Understanding how to work with these students can ease anxiety and smooth the way for both advisors and advisees.

This workshop will involve case studies in applying best practices to work with this population of students. Participants will distinguish between appropriate accommodation and support versus ineffective and enabling practices. The DRC’s partnerships with ARCHES and the Counseling Center will also be discussed.

Please register.

Accessibility FAQ

Tuesday May 5 OR Wednesday May 6, 12:00 -- 12:50 pm, Faculty Center 1-228

What does it mean when you get a letter from the DRC that you have a student with a "print disability?  Why can't the DRC tell you what's really going on with the student?  Why isn't the publisher's assurance that their online content is accessible good enough?  Tracee Passeggi and Jimmie Flanagin of the DRC answer these and other questions about faculty's role in making educational materials accessible for students with disabilities.

Please register.

TurnItIn Workshop

Tuesday May 12 OR Wednesday May 27, 12:00 -- 12:50 pm, Faculty Center 1-228

TurnItIn is more than just a handy detector for potential plagiarism -- it's also a very effective teaching and learning tool.  This hands-on workshop will introduce you to using TurnItIn, including integrating it with Blackboard.

Please register -- so we can be sure to have enough laptops.

Mentoring Undergraduate Research Students

Thursday May 14 OR Friday May 15, 12:00 -- 12:50 pm, UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Faculty Reading Room (2nd floor)

Mentoring undergraduate students in research is incredibly rewarding and challenging.  Research students who are also under-represented minority students can especially benefit from careful mentoring strategies.  Dr. Winny Dong & Dr. Jill Adler discuss their experiences with this group of our fabulous Cal Poly Pomona students. 

Please register.

Teaching Happy Hour!

Tuesday May 19 OR Wednesday May 20, 12: 00 -- 12:50 pm, Faculty Center 1-228

Get together with other faculty for informal talk about teaching. 

Please register.