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Programs & Events

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15th Annual Faculty Day!!!

Thursday May 7, 11:30 a.m. -- 12:50 p.m.

Engineering Meadow, between Bldg 9 & 17

We're continuing the Faculty Day tradition!  Meet new people and spend some time with old friends, listen to a little music, have lunch, and just take some time to think about and enjoy the reasons we all became faculty:  big ideas, passtionate students, and incredibly smart colleagues.  ALL faculty are warmly invited, full-time and part-time, retired, and new!  Come as you can -- leave when you need to -- and bring a faculty friend.

No need to register, just come on over to the Meadow!

Accessibility FAQ

Thursday May 21, 12:00 -- 12:50 pm, Faculty Center 1-228

What does it mean when you get a letter from the DRC that you have a student with a "print disability?  Why can't the DRC tell you what's really going on with the student?  Why isn't the publisher's assurance that their online content is accessible good enough?  Why are faculty involved at all? Tracee Passeggi and Jimmie Flanagin of the DRC answer these and other questions about faculty's role in making educational materials accessible for students with disabilities.

Please register.

TurnItIn Workshop

Tuesday May 12 OR Wednesday May 27, 12:00 -- 12:50 pm, Faculty Center 1-228

TurnItIn is more than just a handy detector for potential plagiarism -- it's also a very effective teaching and learning tool.  This hands-on workshop will introduce you to using TurnItIn, including integrating it with Blackboard.

Please register -- so we can be sure to have enough laptops.

Mentoring Undergraduate Research Students

Thursday May 14 OR Friday May 15, 12:00 -- 12:50 pm, UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Faculty Reading Room (2nd floor)

Mentoring undergraduate students in research is incredibly rewarding and challenging.  Research students who are also under-represented minority students can especially benefit from careful mentoring strategies.  Dr. Winny Dong & Dr. Jill Adler discuss their experiences with this group of our fabulous Cal Poly Pomona students. 

Please register.

Blackboard Workshop:  Uploading Content & Personalizing Your Course

Monday May 18, 12:00 -- 12:50 pm, Faculty Center 1-228

Have your students been asking you to post things to Blackboard?  In this hands-on workshop, learn to upload and organize files in Blackboard.  Then, add a spark of personality by customizing colors, navigation, and your course banner.

Please register.

Teaching Happy Hour!

Tuesday May 19 OR Wednesday May 20, 12: 00 -- 12:50 pm, Faculty Center 1-228

This month's THH will be led by Dr. James Rhem, editor of the National Teaching & Leraning Forum.  We'll discuss "Ten Fundamental Truths about Learning."

Please register. 

Blackboard Workshop:  Online Testing in Blackboard

Friday, May 29, 12: 00 -- 12:50 pm, Faculty Center 1-228

In this hands-on workshop, learn to create online tests.  Depending upon your test, you might even be able to make it self-gradable and to give students immediate feedback!

Please register.