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Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activities Resources

The Cal Poly Pomona Teacher Scholar Model

Teacher Scholars at Cal Poly Pomona are role models who actively promote life-long intentional learning to our students, are actively engaged in advancing their fields of inquiry, and are committed to blending teaching and scholarship into a single synergistic endeavor that results in a creative integration of the two roles.  

Cal Poly Pomona Office of Research

The Office of Research supports applications for external contracts and grants, ensures research compliance, provides support for the Office of Undergraduate Research, and provides support for the Technology Transfer/Industry Clinic.  The Office of Research also provides oversight of the many University Centers and Institutes, and administers various intramural awards to support research, scholarly and creative activity by faculty and students. 

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

SoTL treats teaching and learning in each discipline as worthy subjects for research by the teachers of that discipline. The fundamental process of SoTL is the same as other research:  Ask a question, design as robust a study as necessary and possible to answer the question, perform the study and data analysis, and draw conclusions that may lead to further researchable questions.

Internal Grants

Occasionally, small internal grant programs arise at the University.  The Faculty Center administers some of these programs, and helps to publicize others.  See the internal grants page for a list of programs, and watch your email for announcements.

Faculty Learning Communities

A faculty learning community (FLC) is a group of faculty who work together to learn about and take action on an issue of common interest.  It’s not a committee or a task force, but a collegial group whose purpose is learning together.  Usually participants receive a small stipend or professional development funds.  The Faculty Center occasionally offers FLCs if a topic of interest has arisen.

For 2014, we have two FLCs, funded by the Chancellor’s Office Institute for Teaching & Learning:

"Lesson Study" for Improving Student Learning Success

“Lesson study” is a Japanese concept introduced to the USA in 1999. The goal of this FLC is to help faculty in any discipline to improve individual lessons that have proven difficult, and to create a strong professional community. Led by Dr. Ruth Ahn, Education.

Leadership Pipeline

It is well-documented that the academic leadership pipeline is thin. This FLC focuses on in-depth, collegial explorations of the long-term leadership opportunities and needs on this campus. Led by Dr. Shanthi Srinivas & Dr. Laurie Roades.