Nursery Plants for sale

Inventory of Plants for Sale at the Farm Store Nursery

Fruit Trees Apple (Espalier, Column and Standard varieties), Apricot, Avocado, Banana, Cherimoya, Fig, Nectarine, Olive, Persian Mulberry, Peach, Plum, Pluot, Pomegranate
Herbs Asian Greens, Basils (Aroma 2, Cinnamon,Dark Opal, Lemon, Mrs. Burns, Napoleotano, Red Rubin, Spicy Globe, Sweet Thai) , Catgrass, Catmint, Chamomile, Cilantro, Cresses, Dill, Garlic Chives, Horseradish, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lovage, Papalo, Parsley, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sorrel, Swiss Chard (Bright Yellow and Rhubard), Thyme, Wasabi Arugula(almost out!)
Peppers Bell Peppers: California Wonder, Golden Sweet Summer, Keystone Giant, Mohawk, Orange Sun, Purple Beauty, Red Belt, Redskin, Sweet Chocolate
Hot Peppers: Anaheim, Ancho, Ancho San Luis, Bangkok, Bhut Jolokia smooth (GHOST), Caribbean Red, Cayenne Long, Chicken Itza, Chili de Arbol, Conchos, El Jefe, Fatalii, Garden Salsa, Habanero Mustard, Habanero Orange, Habanero Red, Habanero White, Hatch Red, Helios, Highlander, Holy Mole, Hot Paper Lantern, Hot Rod (serrano), Jalafuego, Jalapeno Purple, Jalmundo, Jaloro, Mucho Nacho, Numex Joe E Parker, Numex Suave Orange, Padron, Pequin, Red Rocket, Serrano, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
Perennials and Shrubs Aztec Lily, Blueberry Lily, Clivia, Columbine, Dusty Miller, Gaillardia, Heliotrope, Hesperaloe, Lantana, Sierra Madre Lobelia, Roses, Sea Lavender, Society Garlic, Zephyr Lily
Sages Autumn, Clevelandii, Russian, Black ‘Terra Seca’
Succulents Aeoniums, Aloes, Crassula, Echeveria, Gasteria, Graptopetalum, Opuntia, Pachypodium, Sedums, Sempervivum
Trees Bottle Palm, European White Birch, Morning Cloud Chitalpa, Ornamental Plum
Tomatoes Amish Paste, Ananas Anoir, Basket Pak LG, Beefmaster, Beefsteak, Believe It or Not, Better Boy, Better Bush, Big Beef, Big Boy, Big Rainbow, Black Cherry, Black Krim, Black Plum, Black Zebra, Blush, Box Car Willie, Brandywine Red, Brandywine Yellow, Burgermaster, Bush Beefsteak, Bush Champion, Carmello, Celebrity, Cherokee Chocolate, Cherokee Green, Cherokee Purple, Clear Pink, Gardener's Delight, German Giant, German Johnson, Goliath, Golden Sweet Cherry, Green Grape, Green Tiger, Green Zebra, Hawaiian Pineapple, Health Kick, Husky, Indigo Rose, Isis Candy, Kellogg's Breakfast, La Roma 3, Lucky Tiger, Mamoth German, Marianna's Peace, Mexico, Mortgage Lifter, Mr Stripey, Mule Team, New Big Dwarf, Orange Blossom, Patio, Persimmon, Phoenix, Pineapple, Pink Bumble Bee, Pink Tiger, Purple Bumble Bee, Purple Calabash, Red Grape, Red Rose, Roma, Rose, Royal Hillbilly, San Marzano, Speckled Roman, Snow White, Striped German, Stupice, Sunrise Bumble Bee, SuperBeefsteak, Sun Sugar, Sweet 100, Sweet Baby Girl, Sweet Million, Sweet Olive, Totem, Tumbling Tom Red, Valencia, Valley Girl, Virginia Sweets, Yellow Pear
Vegetables Artichoke, Beans (Amarillo, Concador, Garden of Eden, Midnight Black Turtle Soup, Red Noodle), Celeriac, Celery, Cucumbers (Armenian, Bush Champion, Homemade Pickles, Lemon, Regal, Marketmore, Mexican Sour Gherkin, Suoyo Long, Tasty Green, Tasty Jade) Eggplants (Black Beauty, Ichiban, Kermit, Machiaw, Millionaire, Nubia, Orient Express), Leeks, Melons (Cantaloupe, Crenshaw, Honeydew, Watermelons) Okra (Clemson Spineless, Jambalaya, Millionaire, Red Burgundy), Parsnips, Peas (snap and snow), Squashes (Butternut, Crookneck, Patty Pans, Spaghetti, Zucchini - 12 varieties) Peppers (see box), Potatoes, Pumpkins (Baby Bear, Big Doris, Big Max, Cinnamon Girl, Cargo, Dill’s Atlantic, Expert, Jack Be Little, Jack O’Lantern, Knucklehead, Munchkin, Musque de Provence, New England Pie, Queensland Blue) , Spinach, Tomatoes (see varieties above)
Gardens to go 50 cell trays including: GREENS - assorted lettuce, greens and herbs VEGETABLES - assorted corn, peppers, greens, cucumbers, radishes and herbs
Vines Blackberry, Raspberries, Table Grapes

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The Nursery also carries an assortment of glazed ceramic pots, bagged soils, and fertilizers.
Open daily from 10:00am - 6:00pm.
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